We were going to have guests for lunch. The Broadman's. Better known as my godmother, Marie, her husband, Roy, and two daughters, Kathryn and Linda. The boys weren't coming.

This meant that about half an hour before they were due to arrive, we had a massive panic. Dad fled to get more food, Anita started recruiting people to set the table, get the fire going, make salad...

As usual, in true Broadman style, they were late.

I won't bore you with the details, but basically, Roy called me by my mother's name, Marie tried to help just a bit in the kitchen, Linda jumped around in her usual lively manner, and Kathryn more or less ignored me.

I was shocked. Kathryn and I were really close. We really trusted each other and told each other everything. But here she was, bold as brass, discussing the pros and cons of her school verses Jasmine's! With Jasmine. They were like my best friends here, but now I felt left out. Lukas and Patrizia were fighting, which was amusing Linda and Marco was simply working on something in his notebook, and being polite if anyone asked him a direct question. I didn't feel like joining in the adult's conversation, but not like sulking either, so I hovered around. And I don't like hovering.

However, a game of hide and seek was suggested, and anyone would be mad not to jump at the chance of joining in. Dad's house is simply perfect for hide and seek. It turned out that Marco was mad, because he decided not to join in.

Patrizia was soon annoyed by her brother, and ran off to Daddy, so in the end it was Lukas against Kathryn, Linda and I. As usual, Linda had the brilliant idea of hiding in the attic.

Call me scared, but I don't like the attic. A few summers ago, Kathryn's older brother had found an old mouse trap. We jsut weren't quite sure what was in the mouse trap. It wasn't a mouse and it wasn't a bird. But it was old, and dried, and pretty manky.

In the attic, I moved into the room that faced south and looked out of the windows. Funnily enough, they were modern double glazing.  The now afternoon sun was streaming through the windows, and I watched little puffs of dust float lazily around.

Kathryn had climbed up the ladder into the west facing room, that was a few metres higher up. Linda was admiring the Edwardian toys...

The End

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