Earlier that day: 9:30am

I groaned and tried to pull the covers back over my head. But no one was having that; Jasmine wanted the covers back and Dad wanted us to get up. Needness to say Dad won the Tug-Of-War.

I decided that I would just stay int he tent, and try to go back to sleep, as Dad went to wake the boys in the other tent. But that wasn't going to work, thanks to Patrizia.

"For God's sake! Can't you just stop moving! You're making the whole thing shake! I'm trying to get back to sleep! I was up til four staring at the fire coz you were too lazy get out of the tent and do your shift!" Jasmine screamed at her.

"Yeah." I croaked to back her up.

"Shut up..." She mumbled back to us. However, Jasmine, much like myself, isn't the sweetest person in the morning before breakfast, especailly with sleep deprivation.

I sighed and detangled myself from the mess of covers, sheets, and cushions, as Jasmine and Patrizia had a pre-breakfast wrestle.

I was stumbling barefooted to the decking as Marco emerged, looking as detached and bored as ever.

"Morning." I yawned, more to warm up my vocal chords then anything else.

"What's happening in there?" he jabbed his finger at the girls' tent, as it shook. "Are they killing someone?"

"No, they're killing each other." I decided not to use biting sarcasm this early in the morning. Or maybe it was because it wasn't needed here. I didn't bother to think about it, as I caught sight of the fresh bread rolls on the table. I threw myself on the bench.

"Don't even think about it! You can go and get the glasses and something to drink." Dad was on the warpath then...

It was about ten minutes before everyone was at the table, eating. As usual, I got yelled at, for trying to leave the table before everyone. Having a shower was apparently not an excuse to leave table, even if you had been camping.

Within an hour, there was some sort of normality again, with the table cleared, the dishwasher stacked, the bathroom finally not in use, the tents in better shape and order and everyone spread out doing different things; Lukas was on the internet via his netbook, Marco was reading some book, Jasmine and Patrizia were on the DS or sumat, Dad was working on the new decking, Anita was studying and I was hanging around trying to find some sort of entertainment. In the end I settled for rereading Wuthering Heights, and using Marco as a cushion. Well, he was sitting on what I considered my sofa!

Sunday morning was quite nice actually. We all sat around as usual, doing nothing productive. However that was set to change as midday came along...

The End

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