Tears Of A Warrior

Kethilya Hamilton has been enclosed in a family that wont let her be who she wants dearly to be. But when... she falls head over heels for the mysterious young man at a ball and runs off into the woods meets up with an old friend. Then she learns some things and she refuses to go back to her old life, after she is told her destiny. She must find out what her role truly is and who the mysterious young man is

   I walked down the sidewalk, my hips swaying to my imaginary music. My heels clicking in a steady rhythm on the concrete. I stumbled, catching myself before I could land face first in the street. I looked behind me to see some prostitutes just sitting around and also my shadow. I was in the more poor side of town, but it was seemingly peaceful here. There was no one to judge me or criticize. I smiled and laughed as I made my shadow dance around in some sort of crazy jig. I swung my arms and spun around in circles, my blonde hair swinging in my face with the blue eyes and the rosy red lips and high cheekbones that sculpt my face perfectly. In shorter words, I was beautiful.

Plain simple. I looked up at the sky, and gasped in surprise and pleasure when I felt a huge raindrop land on my nose. I laughed and giggled as the raindrops came harder, and soon I was completely soaked. I spread my arms out wide, enjoying the way the water seems to just soak into my skin and refresh me. I laughed and cried out loud as tears of joy run out of my eyes. Yeah, that’s one weird thing about me, I always cry when I feel mad, happy, embarrassed and just about every other emotion. I was extremely sensitive. I stopped twirling and looked down at my dress and frock, seeing that it was completely ruined. I shrugged and skipped home and although I was 17 years old I knew that I looked like a child.

I walked down the street and called a taxi. Even the ride home was peaceful without the bantering of my parents and one brother. I told the taxi to stop and drop me off in front of a two story

If you hadn’t lived there your whole life then you wouldn’t know the cruelty behind the walls of the home that haunted everyone in it. You wouldn’t know that the family’s only hope was sick of being depended on. You wouldn’t know how they felt because they always put on a front around others.  In that house lived a 17 year old girl named Kethilya Hamilton, who had to be the most miserable of the bunch. Which just so happen to also be me.

I opened the gate and walked up to the front porch and hesitated before opening the door that soon lead to too much make-up and very heavy material dresses. I breathed out a heavy sigh and walked in, only to be pushed right back out by a strong chest. I stumbled backwards and if I had been able to stop myself I would have but then it wouldn’t have been appropriate for the fact that

“Dear sister, do you not know that it is only 7 o’clock in the morning?”

“Yes, darling Henry. I knew of the time.” I reply back, sweetly.

He shook his head as his eyes adjust to the dimly lit hallway.

“Why are so thoroughly soaked? Where have you been? Do mother and father know of your whereabouts?” He questioned.

I laughed and he thought the worst immediately. “You haven’t lost your virtue, have you?”

I shook my head, shocked at the idea of such a crude suggestion.

I walk down towards my room and undress myself out of my frock. I hear the door open and in came my maid, Ms. Rakiyah.

She curtsied and mumbled good morning.

“Good morning, Rakiyah. How was your slumber?”

She looked up at me and smiled timidly as she always did and explained her night, and dreams. I laughed at the funny parts and cried with her at the sad; she shared every detail with me because I really want to know. I always want to know the welfare of my maid and house servants. I call them maids and servants only because I have too. If I don’t then I’ll be put to the same treatment as them. I sat down as a 14 year old girl brushed out my hair like she were a slave, but was chatting happily at the same time. She was taken from her parents at birth and raised in our house as a servant. She loved what she had to do though. She loved cleaning and brushing my hair and dressing me. Just as I was about to ask her why she loved her job so much, in came my mother with a beautiful gown that was obviously made for me because she was much too big for it. She placed it down carefully as if is going to just evaporate.

“Kethilya, darling, you have a ball to attend tonight so you will wear this. It will be a special night,” she squealed like a gossipy girl and continued. “I can just feel it!”

She ran out of the room, not even looking at me as she talked the whole time. Faster than when she came in, she was gone. I smiled at Rakiyah as I picked up the heavy material and examined it closely. I held it out to Rakiyah, letting her look at it and appreciate the white dress. It was a creamy white dress that fluffed out at the bottom and flowed with every step. I admired the dress from every angle, already excited for the ball to begin. And already forgetting about the mysterious boy from earlier.



          It was lit with chandeliers, and full of people who looked handsome and beautiful. The ball had started by the time I walked in with mother, father and my brother. I spotted my friends instantly and left my family’s side to go and chat with them happily.

“Dalylah, darling, how is your new bunny?” I asked nicely, hoping to hear good news. But she has yet to surprise me by actually caring of such a matter.

“Oh, that poor drastic thing! It used the loo constantly and always wanted to be alone, so I gave him back to the store and demanded my money back.” She rolled her eyes and I thought, well you wouldn’t like it if someone just left you sitting around helpless.

But I didn’t say it. All I did was smile with her sweetly.

“You poor girl. That rabbit was a deprived thing, but it was your pet and you promised your father that you would take care of this new one.” I smiled pleasantly at her, knowing that she would never even dare try to say something tremendously wrong to me. I was the leader, she was a cossetted underdog. I turned away from her afflicted face, knowing that all she wanted to do was kill me painfully and slowly and although the thought makes me want to cry, I don’t let it show on my face. To all, I was an enticing treat but was like a viscous lapdog. I loved to be myself but, the reputation of my family would be derelict as we were the imperially calm but cold household. But then the music started and I lost myself into the music and found myself swaying. I gasp in surprise as I am swept away by a handsome young man who grinned at me and a slow blush spread along my face as I watched him, not letting him see just how hard I was focusing on our feet, yet trying dearly not to trample his fairly nice shoes. I closed my eyes and let the music take me away as I lost all feeling except the words of the song.



With eyes that shine,

 Like light on glass,

 With no more than the usual pass,

 Of a glance.

 And from your wandering gaze,

 You obviously try not to make haste,

 Of the beautiful sights your eyes just might take.

 I would always hope that you would see me,

 As i see you,

 All my feelings that ive said are 100% true,

Because one day you might give me your love,

 As i just might give you mine.



I looked up at him and blushed deeper, knowing that he would know exactly who I was and where I was from. I needed to compose myself or else I might be the head of the news mill, saying that I had fallen hard for the mysterious young man. But it was rather the absolute opposite. I had no feeling towards him nor do I doubt him towards I. He was simply just a man who had seen me fall on my rear end and run away, crying in embarrassment. I looked away from his gaze and rather looked at the other men and women dancing. I knew that many were talking of me. Dancing at all was unheard of for my family.  

“Why are you doing this to me?” I questioned.

“You’re interesting to me.” He replied.

I’m sorry but you don’t even know me, much less my name, as do I you, I thought.

“You don’t even know me, Sir.”

He grinned. “Exactly. I’m hardly a Sir either.”

I giggled. “Well then my eyes deceive me, for you look very manlike to me. Is whom I dance with a woman?”

His eyes twinkled mischievously. “Is whom I dance with as mysterious as she seems to be?” He smirked before continuing. “Or is she simply a lonely card searching for her gambler?”

I stared at him, making sure that my face remains expressionless. He searched my eyes before I was swept away by another dancer. I bit my lip as I danced with another man, then a moment to long I was back with the mysterious young man.

“So we meet again, my fair lady.”

“As enchanted as I am by your ladylike charms,” He eyes held amusement in them. “I was very well getting to know my other dancer friend.”

“Hardly, with you looking so beautiful tonight I could hardly take my eyes off of you, so I know that you passed no such thing with the other man.” I laughed with pure glee.

“Your partner must have been discontented with your attention elsewhere.”

He laughed as we detangled ourselves from the position of the dance as the music ended. I walked away from him as gracefully as I could. He grabbed my hand though and pulled me to him as the next song began to play. He laughed almost as joyfully as I had earlier and twirled again just as the next song started up and my dress made a lovely umbrella shape that I wondered at.

“You didn’t honestly think that our night was over did you? I don’t give up that easily.” I felt his arms tighten their hold around my waist. I twisted my arms around his neck, pulling us closer. He was an extraordinary dancer. He smelled of strong-sweet cologne that seemed to wrap around me and me feel safe and calm. I closed my eyes as the music slowed and put my head on the crook of his neck. Feeling him tense up then relax and pull me closer. Now there was hardly even an inch that separated us. I felt all of the knots and tendons in my body let go and relax. He must have felt me unwind because he chuckled and I felt his breath on my neck. I flinched, and stepped away, just realizing how close we had been. He looked at me and only me. Looking as I walk back to my table, and then out of ballroom, all the while, chastising myself for letting my guard down in public. I passed by my friends and peers, knowing that the whole ballroom had gone quiet, in shock of the events that had so recently happened. I didn’t even know his name, but that didn’t stop me from getting all close and personal with him. I left the stares of the room, feeling dirty and so foolish. I ran blindly, bumping into people as I rushed by. I mumbled sorry and tried but couldn’t hold back my tears. I didn’t know where I was running, just that I needed to go away and sit for a while. I needed to just think.

          I didn’t stop until I couldn’t hear the music playing anymore. I stopped running and leaned against a tree, my legs protesting until I gave in and dropped down on my knees and then the tears really started evolving. I sobbed, letting loose the feelings that had been cramped up inside for so long. I stopped long enough to look around at my surroundings, and was taken aback by the intense eyes that glowed from somewhere deep in the dark trees. I gasped in surprise and fear as a black wolf the twice the size of a regular one regarding me stepped out from the shadows. It stepped closer towards me. A feeling caught in my throat and when I realized that it wasn’t fear but rather a weird pull towards the animal, I all but started crying again. The eyes, a golden sun against the darkness of the fur, seemed to just pop out of its head. I flinched as a memory came in my head, filling my head with images of a little girl and a little wolf pup.

I shook my head in incredulity. The retention had been of me as a child playing with a pup that looked like this one in front of me. It showed me wrestling with the wolf pup and looking happily at it as it drank from a stream. I looked up at the wolf and was surprised when I saw recognition in its eyes. I stretched out a hand towards it. It stared at me with wide eyes that broke my surface completely and I softened a bit on the inside.

The End

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