Home of the Therianthropy

As the history books would like to define us, we have the ability to metamorphose into other animals by means of shapeshifting. The most well known form of therianthropy is found in stories concerning werewolves.

We though, were of a new species not even discovered by man, a hybrid shapeshifter if you will. We do indeed posses the ability to transform between human and lycan, and we can decide what human we want to appear as. The kicker is, Lycan nor human is not our true form. We are half Titan, cast down from Heaven after a spell of ill intention fated our kind. More like a curse, of course it was all because of a broken heart.

Valencia, a goddess of light; she also endowed gold, silver and gems with all their radiance. Angered by the betrayal of Victor a God of dusk and winds. We were forbidden to roam with the other titans. As punishment we were forced to live among the humans in secret. Each of us spelled a Gem of light, that only let us keep human or Titan form during the sun. When dusk falls, well I'm sure you figured out by now, we became Lycans on a full moon. Valencia thought if Victor wanted to act like a beast, then he shall live out eternity as one.

During this transformation in which we are trapped as Lycans we are unaware of the violent acts we commit. Many of mornings I found myself wander the woods, soaked in blood with no memory of what the night cursed me.

I'm getting ahead of myself, the reason why I brought Liam here. Though he will not fully reap the curse until his 18th birthday, he has already began to prepare himself mentally for the isolation he will have to face from Victoria.

I wanted him to meet his ancestors, hear the stories of their journeys. The sacrifices they made, and the battles they have fought. I wanted him to know what he is up against, but mostly I wanted him to know he had a family to turn to. It was only once a decade that others would travel from all over and meet on these grounds. The original spot Victor was cast down, the Earth was still split from the impact.

The confusing part, how did we grow so many. Yes well that part , not so simple. We did however find a loop hole, it seems that humans that are far distant relatives carry the Titan gene, Though many are never aware, or even have knowledge of this information.

Victor just happen to stumble upon one of these humans, who also happen to be a scientist. Hence, the discovery of our ability at regeneration.

For years we have been searching for the one, we only thought of as a myth. The Iris, a hybrid of rare mythology. A creature both witch and Lycan, and never actually been seen. She holds the key to our revenge upon Valencia. She is said to have power stronger then any god that ever lived. Our search always ends up at a dead end.

How does Victoria fit into all this you ask? Well she happens to posses the Titan gene, but convincing Liam to fulfill his duty and pass on his legacy to a child of his own has been short of facile. His feelings for here cloud his mission, he was never suppose to fall for her they way he did. He refuses to put her through that kind of life.

So in light of all that, there is also the possibility of having to search for another surrogate for Liam.

The next full moon was not for three weeks, so we had plenty of time to catch up with everyone. We exited the car and headed towards the faint glows of fire from within the thick trees. I could smell Maddy's sweet scent from the clearing, just one perk of a Lycan enhanced sense of smell.

It was going to be a long night, and I was ready to get started.

The End

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