I know this page is super short, but I had an idea I want to play on. It's also kind of a teaser, wait and see.



As we left sight of the school I morph back into my true form, I'm always saving Liam's ass.

"Damn bro that was close," I said punching Liam. " You need to tell Victoria the truth, about your feelings and about us.

Liam's head bowed, " But I really do love her, and if she found out who I really am...I just don't know."

It was mostly silent as the car roasted the only interstate out of town. I understood Liam's pain, as I once fell for a human girl. People like us don't get a normal life, no matter how hard we try. Being older then him I try to look out for him, but at times he needs to learn his lesson.

Becky on the other hand was a means to and end, her assistance in the bigger plan is no longer needed. Even though her memory had been wiped sometimes flashes can filter through and cause confusion. I can't believe that nosy girl Kenzie saw us, I have a feeling she is going to be a problem. To bad to because she is hella cute.

I gaped over to Liam's snoring body tilted against the car window. He was not like the rest of us, he was kind and gentle. He had a hard time remembering all the cover stories over the years, and almost blew his cover a few times.

Nobody would understand, nobody will embrace the change and sacrifices that will be made. This is a long time coming, past down for many generations. The victory of a new world order, the beginning of the end.

Finally after hours of lonely highway I pulled up into the narrow dirt road. The bumpy shifting of the rocks beneath the tires pulled Liam from sleep.

"Were here, and they are all waiting, " I smiled.


The End

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