Kenzie looked a little suspicious walking up to us, but that was Kenzie. Victoria had mentioned her wanting to talk after school. I had some news of my own, my older brother Luke was in town. People swear were twins, him being only a year older.

I wanted to set him up with Kenzie but then he had to go and mess with Becky Zimmer of all people. He did say there date was a bust the other night, but Victoria would kill me if Luke hurt Kenzie.

Victoria was my everything, most people thought she was plain standing next to the other girls. They don't see into her soul like I do, she is beautiful to me inside and out. Her and Kenzie had been friends since forever. I met them freshmen year, just before school started.

I had just moved here from New York, and I didn't know anyone. My father and I moved around a lot, but this place seemed to stick. He is a dentist, and a pretty good one. We were enjoying lunch at the Belmont Deli when she walked in. I was instantly drawn to her cute freckles, but of course I said nothing.

Then the first day at a new school I was scrambling to read the map to my first class. I found my destination and started to high tail it down the hall, and out of nowhere a door flung open instantly knocking me down. Once I got a grip on my vision, there she was standing over me with a frightened expression. Kenzie right by her side, trying to calm her down. We have all been thick as thieves ever since, so I was surprised it was a private talk.

I was just about to leave them when I saw my brother's mustang pull up. Engine roaring and engine blasting.

" If you want a ride hurry up little brother, " Luke called from the window.

Kenzie looked puzzled and Becky also walked toward the car. Apparently the girl couldn't take a hint my brother was not interested. Whatever happened on the date, he said it was a mistake taking her out.

"You have a brother ?" Kenzie asked puzzled.

I looked at her confused, "yeah don't you remember me telling you he lived with my mom in Italy?"

Luke went with mom and I went with dad, I told them the story when we met I guess it slipped her mind. Now that Mother passed away Luke was going to be staying with us to help Dad at the office.

'Oh I must have forgot," Kenzie returned.

I left them to their chat and joined my brother.

The End

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