Victoria and I had been friends since first grade, and I had to tell her about Liam. I had to tell her what I saw, even though I knew it would break her heart. If I knew and didn't tell, she would never forgive me.

I had seen him with Becky Zimmer at the movies last night, and it wasn't just a friendly outing. I was there with my little brother so I couldn't just walk up and confront him. What would I say anyway, I'm just a shy girl stuck in a small town.

Victoria had big dreams of getting out of here, not like the rest of us. She was focused, and I admired that about her. She had her whole life planned out. I was dreading the day she finally gets out, I don't want to be left here in this small town. I don't have the resources she does, and she is my only family.

Sure my foster parents are nice enough, but I could never get too close to them. My brother and I had been sent to stay with them When I was five, and he was two. We had been through three homes already before the White's. They were good people, I just didn't feel like I belonged. It was my dream to find out about what happened to my birth parents, but I just hit road blocks when I tried.

I had been dreading the days end, and as I headed to the front of the school Victoria was there. Liam had his arm around her waist as if everything was normal. How could he? I was so angry just thinking about it. I mean Becky? She was the a tramp, and everyone knows it.

She smiled as I approached, and my stomach was it knots.

Victoria was simple, she was not as pretty as most girls at our school. It didn't seem to bother her, or stop her from getting what she wanted. She stands about 5'6 with a medium build. Her long auburn hair spilled over her shoulders, and it complimented her deep brown eyes and freckles.

I sighed as I reached the spot she was standing in.

The End

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