Senior year is a big deal for any girl, the moment of definition. I couldn't help but smile as I walked onto the campus of Hollow High, knowing this would be the last year before I transform into adulthood. A small town it may be, but I had big plans of moving on to bigger things. I will never forget Hollow Rhode Island, as it made me who I am. The streets echoed with memories formed over the years. Literally it was like a country song, this small town life I was blessed with. Little did I know that graduation would be the beginning of something alright, but not what I was expecting. Just six short months from now, my life would change forever.

"Hey babe," Liam called from behind me. My high-school sweetheart, the only boy I have ever loved.

"Hey, " I smiled.

We had first period together, AP English. I loved writing, but Mr. Welch is what you call and can't do teach type of teacher.

As I took my seat in the back next to Liam, I situated myself and pulled last nights homework out. My best friend Kenzie slid in her seat on the other side me as the bell rang. She beamed at me as Mr. Welch began his agenda for today.

I looked toward Kenzie, her happy expression seemed to fade.

"Are you okay?" I mouthed.

She nodded quickly and returned her sight back to the front board.

"Something you want to share Miss Kipling?" Mr. Welch quested.

I nodded and looked down at the blank page in my binder. We had been assigned a paper on family history. We had to choose a distant relative that we never met, and dig up all we could about them.

Mom didn't talk much about family, it was mostly just me and her as long as I can remember. Dad passed away in a car accident when I was small, a drunk driver. I guess I would have to ask her now, as my grade depended on it. Class dragged on as I drown out today's lesson, and I began thinking about graduation. The bell finally broke my train of thought.

"Victoria!" Kenzie's voice called after me in the hall.

Whirling around to catch those bright green eyes looking back. Kenzie was prettier then me, and I admit I was a little jealous. She had a petite frame, and she stood about 5'4 with golden brown hair. She also had an amazing personality, not like most pretty girls that were full of themselves. We became fast friends since I moved here in first grade

" I have to talk to you after school, wait for me?" she pried.

"Sure," I replied as I scurried off to my next class.

The End

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