It's hard to explain what a hits like to someone who's never had it. The heat, the rush, the inevitable chill and the feeling like nothing fuckin' matters. Above everything else, this is what Colm loved the most. He took the shot standing up in his apartment, laughing with his mates. Moments later, he fell backwards without a care in the world. His back hit the hardwood, followed swiftly by his head. That's how his night of celebration ended. 

The next morning, Colms best mate unlocked his apartment door. He walked inside, stepping over gang members. After opening the main bedroom door, he tossed a football at Colm. It bounced of his head and his eyes opened, a groan issuing. His eyes found his best mate and he asked "What is it Dave?"

Dave looked cross as he folded his arms around his chest. "Get up, we still got work to do today. Remember, the daughter?"

"Oh... right."

Colm stood up, his arm shaking a little. He asked "How long have I been out?"

Dave grumbled "How the hell should I know?!"

With that, he left the room, tripping over a muscular male gang member, mumbling "Sorry mate."

The man yawned back "I's alrigh'."

Colm followed Dave out of the room, almost tripping over the same man. They took a right out of the apartment and walked into an elevator. Screamo waiting music flooded the elevator as they descended toward the lobby. Dave mumbled "Nice mornin' music."

"It seemed like a sodding good idea at the time."

"You can be such a git sometimes."

"Glad I got you to wake me up then."

"No problem sweetie."

"Ah bullocks."


"I forgot my dingleberry."


The elevator doors opened. Colm sighed "Ya know, a knife."

Dave laughed "A dingleberry is not a knife! Besides, you're already packin', what the hell do you need that for?"

Colm pushed Dave out of the elevator and winked "Saved you once."

The elevator closed. Dave grumbled, slowly running his hand through his heads brown hair. His watchs hour hand moved a quarter before Colm arrived again, wearing body armour underneath a leather jacket. They walked out of the apartment building, Dave sitting in the Audies drivers seat. Colm sighed and got in "We pulled of last night pretty good I think." The Audi pulled onto the highway."Wasn't as satisfying as I though' it would be. Still, we moved our stuff out before the cops could show up."

Dave asked, "Are you sure about this, we could use her for collateral."

"I'm sure."

The End

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