Tears For FearsMature

A mans journey into what is unknown.

The streets were filled with darkness, druggies and six armed men with the bloodhounds picture stitched into their jackets. One man led them, casually fingering one of his three throwing knives. A small silenced pistol sat in his left pant-leg pocket. He pointed at a door to their left. Smiling, he opened the door and walked in with his fellow bloodhounds. The small room had two mercenaries standing beside a chair with their arms crossed, a police officer tied to a chair behind them. 

A mercenary asked "We got 'em, where's our money?"

The bloodhounds leader pulled a package out of his coat, tossing it to the mercs. He quickly ordered "Leave."

"No problem Colm."

A bang resonated through the room as the mercs left. The officer stared forwards with cold ice, staying quiet. Colm nodded to his game and kicked the officer onto his back. A cold laugh escaped Colm as he growled "My ears have gone deaf, I need you to speak them back into existence lietenant Gabriel."

Gabriel locked eyes with Colm, stating "You can't possible own this city."

"So you say, but I can still own pieces of it. In fact, I currently own your daughter."

A bloodhound handed Colm his cell-phone. Colm turned the screen towards Gabriel, showing his daughter against a wall, shallowly breathing, flies buzzing around her. "If you don't give me what I want, I'll just pull kids of the street and... show em' the same bloody fate."

Gabriels eyes sank. He swallowed and slowly said "We're closing up all the gangs connections tomorrow night. SWAT teams are moving in all at once- they're counting on me being at the warehouse tomorrow. Otherwise, they can't move in."

Silence followed and Colm stated "All right, pop him."

As Colm opened the door, Gabriel screamed "Will you let her go?!"

"Certainly not in that condition."

The End

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