Tears At Midnight

Alice Sharples has been best friends with a girl since she was four, then the girl leaves her all of a sudden. Alice develops an eating disorder, but manages to get herself back on track. She falls in love with a guy, but he starts to like his best friend after six months of being with Alice. Her problems return, and she struggles to pull herself free this time around.

“Please don’t. Don’t try to say you love me. Not after this.”

“I love you.”


I’m Alice Sharples; I’m probably the most annoying person you’ll ever meet. Not to mention the most ordinary. I grew up with everything; family, friends, all the love you could ever wish for... but I didn’t realise how preciously rare all of these would become. My Mum and Dad refused me nothing while I was growing up, and I didn’t realise the effect it was having on me. The endless stream of material possessions wasn’t the problem; the food was. All I had to do was ask and I was given what I asked for. Primary school kids generally accept you to your face, and I was too young and naive to truly understand the harsh reality of having two faces. I had my best friends and that was all that mattered back then. I couldn’t see what they really were; now I can. Only two were what they appeared.

My understanding of it was that there was nothing wrong with being twelve years old and tubby. I took the insults and jokes and got on with my life. Until, that is, curiosity and the bathroom scaled led to tubby becoming eleven stone. That’s when everything went wrong.

The End

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