I wake up, screaming out into the darkness of night.
Why have these nightmares decided to plague my dreams?

Why now after all the time of nothing?
What are they trying to tell me?

I get up from my warm bed, walking around my room.
Only to stop in front of the mirror.

Now I know what's giving me these horrible nightmares.
My eyes narrow, filling with an uncontrollable hatred.

There he is. The one man that I will never forgive...ever.
But it's not me who starring back from the mirror you see.

It's my father.

From the black abyss he has come to haunt my memory,
To give me these never ending nightmares of a darker side to my soul.

It's the past that trying to eat away at my sanity,
Trying to stripe me of my remaining strength.

Turning away from the mirror to block my father out,
Only to hear his screeching laughter as he curses my name.

Falling to my knees, clinching my fists tightly.
Trying to forget the past and get on with my life.

But it's so hard to forget something you've known all your life.

Tears finally begin to flow from my eyes,
Flowing like a rushing river they flow.

Soon water turns to blood as my fathers voice enters my head,
Tainting my every thought of happiness.

Tears of blood stream down my cheeks as I scream once more into the darkness,
Thrusting my face into my hands, the tears dropping onto the floor.

Lifting my face from my hands, looking down at the small pool of blood.
I look into the mirror and see my father still pointing and laughing at me, his own son.

The child that he forgot about in his own past.

Soon my sad expression turns to rage.
Wiping the blood from my face, 
I punch the glass as I curse my fathers name. 

The End

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