Alice Quinn Onstown is like any 10 year old girl.
Well not really. She is a water and fire power. A.K.A: Person who will help save the world. So, she must follow a few rules. Her Mother is the "Queen" of the world of Vamps and Ghost. (Her bff is a vamp)

                                                                        Giggling I looked at May. "Alice, thats SO funny! Falling in love with a human HA!" she laughed. Me and May come form the other world. The "Black" world.  May is a vampire. I was a well Kingson. I have the power to rule over water and fire. I make wild fires, Rain storms etc. Oh and I have like vampire speed, smarts, and I'm just as pretty as Mother. Who is a vampire . She is the Queen of my world.

Walking of the bus to school, I kept my eyes out for those few Vampires that try to kill humans.  (That is a big rule.) All the boys in my school have a crush on me.  I try not to look at any of them. I'm really good on not liking any body. May turned to look at a poster.

                                                                    School Dance!

Next Friday night at 7:30- 11:30. Buy your tickets now!




The End

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