unusually cryptic for me.. but this one is about the negative effects of propaganda

The painful tears, they blacken my eyes.
But not the tears that fall from the sky.
These are the kind from a deeper place
The chambers of my heart intoning their grace.

In such black days, full of cares and woe.
So failing to see the beauty of the snow.
For the snowflakes fall as black as my eyes
 As black as the clouds in the haunted dark skies

Their truths are the words hollowed out by lies.
The realities are hidden beyond those black skies
 For the words are passed from one to another.
Infecting the minds of sisters and brothers.

The mysterious peace, a daunting trial,
The truth will be borne by the absence of smiles
But more fazing; the knowledge that existence will end.
and that the pain will go on until we are dead.

The End

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