Tears stained her face as she walked slowly through the still night air. All wildlife had fled from her as she continued her aimless journey through the dense forest. No sounds were left, no chirp of crickets nor hoot of owls. Due to this silence it was easy for Elle to hear a rustle of leaves caused by something larger than a frightened animal. She stopped walking and just stood there. Listening. Whoever had followed her wasn’t well trained as not long after, more leaves were crushed audibly underfoot and this time she had a location. An unseen force brought the shivering soldier to her feet without so much as a muscle moved by Elle herself. Tilting her head downwards, she inspected the terrified man. He wasn't a big man but he wasn't skinny either. He had a balance between muscle and fat that Elle thought would look intimidating when he was standing. It was shame that he wouldn't be able to take pride in his body again. Not when she had disposed of everything that he had worked so hard for. Writhing on the floor, his ribs cracked and lungs punctured. Blood filled his throat and his eyes were wide with fear and pain. Soon after, his arms and legs ripped from his body leaving bloody puddles in their wake. She didn't kill him. She wasn't a murderer, like them.

Her cheeks were dry now and a new rage had filled her heart. She changed direction and headed back towards her car. Back to normality and her underpaid job. Every so often she would escape to the forest and remember who she was, what she was. Every time she would be followed. The tears were new though. She'd never cried before and vowed she wouldn't again. It was his fault. Him, he had lost the right to a name when he betrayed her.

The End

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