Foundations are Lain

The mountains of the Himalayas are some of the most remote locations on earth, and some of the least hospitable. In this cruel, unforgiving environment it is rare to find life in any form. More so to find a settlement of Men and Women.

On the northern edge of the Himalayas, in a region bordering Nepl and China there is a small encampment set up on a plateau. It has been forgotten by those who do not reside there and is documented only by the wisest of Loremasters.

The Xizang province, commonly referred to as Tibet, is home to those who still remember the Old World. These few that choose to play out their lives from this isolated Plateau are Spiritualists in the most real sense. Practitioners of ancient Magicks and still able to tap into the powers of the Anima, they are at peace with the world.

It is here that for the past fourteen years Xi has been studying with his father. He is now seventeen and he stands nearly a foot above the rest of the village, broad shouldered and grim faced it is an impressive figure by any standards.

It began four years ago when the village elders first called him to the Pavillion. The only stone building on the plateau, the interior however is as sparse as the rest of the housing.


The foundations had been set that day, and Xi did not look back. His story is only just beginning.

The End

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