The Beard IncidentMature

Okay, so I got this funny story I gotta tell you about this guy and his beard. First you need to know, his beard was so savage I could see it from all the way here in the sky. His beard is what caught my attention!  It was awesome. So anyways, I decide a guy with that savage of a beard must be worth following around, so I decided to do so...the  guy with the beard even spoke to me while I was following him. I could quite understand what his words meant, but he kept calling my fog...and I'm like dude, my name is Sam.

So anyway, I'm following early one morning, and he goes into this place to get the fuzz on the top of him shortened.  He comes out of the place when they finish shortening his fuzz, and he noticed this elderly guy drop all his purchases from the store in the shopping plaza. So bread guy goes over to old guy, and helps him put purchases in the old guys car. Beard guy has one of those white, burning, smoking sticks hanging from his mouth, and the old guy slams his car door shut, and knocks the bread guys white burning thing out of his mouth and into his beard. It touched his bread, and a puff of smoke, a flash of fire, and one of the worst smells ever, half his bread was gone.  It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

The End

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