Tear of a Cloud - The Cloud JournalMature

Have you ever had 6 skydivers fall through you, all at the same time? I have, earlier today. First time ever! Planes and birds, I'm used to those, but not skydivers. It was such an interesting experience that I had to write about it. About halfway through writing that story, I realized I could write!!! Imagine my excitement, I think I am the first cloud to ever write. So instead of writing the story about the skydivers, I decided to write this journal.

Maybe someday my journal will be published...the first published work or a cloud. Ive seen so much in my time, floating about the earth. watching everything that has transpired. I was the first cloud, and I will be the last cloud. I've seen it all and now I'm going to tell you all about it...well not right now, but soon. Right now I'm going to go play some air guitar until my friend Bill the Cloud comes over. He wears real sunglasses.

The End

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