Death Of A Dragon

Dawn sung a horrific noise that shredded through the dark world, battle cries and monstrous screams petrified the landscapes with their shrill spills of blood and guttural energy. A poisonous smell of dead weeds, peroxide, formaldehyde and rotting corpses sang through the brittle air, putridly laying dormant until a foot shifted the dead or soft soil where the vulgar scent had settled.

The sphere of gloom and death seemed to be smaller than before, the horizon seemed closer as the arc of the world dropped away sooner, the great veins of the dark space dragon towered away into the sky beyond, cracks in the night, that were originally believed to be nebulas. 

Chaos spread out around the small rock, small pockets of battles, white clad armies slashing there way through thousands of small dark beetles, as large dark spiders ripped their way through one forgotten soldier at a time.

A black undead bird beat around the heads of white soldiers, ripping at their faces with talons and it's beak, scratching at eyes and skin.

Where Zanaria had broken through the skin of the small planet, the domino effect had been great, the strange polarization of the rock begun to fail, the planet crumbled slowly away into the outer atmosphere, a thick layer of rocks beginning to create a planetary ring. The hole grew more and more as Nekura and dark bugs swathed through the gap, weathering the crust swiftly. 

Through the gap bulged the enormous DragonGlass, not quite fitting through the ever growing hole, it fell and upwards and blocked the hole, stopping anyone else coming in or out of the hollow for now. 

Kaos swam up and out of the atmosphere breaking through the heliopause and into the dark storms of the spacestorms, sucking in the dark energy that swarmed around him, he breathed in the small brittle atoms that buzzed with black cruor. 

Then he began to transform, black wings breaking out of his back, the feathers doused in thick putrid smelling blood, a chaotic display of energy expanding along his pearlescent skin, his veins creeping out further, bulging muscles billowing out all over his other wise small frame. 

With great speed and ferocity, Kaos blasted through the moving dragon galaxy, blazing like a tiny diamond of fire, sharp, hard and dark in the night, breaking through the void and piercing ferociously the space dragon's glass plated scales.

It's heart stopped soon after it's puncture.

Kaos' dark aura leaked into it's blood, kissing the cells dreams, breathing energy into it. 

Skeletal, the spacedragon danced on...


The End

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