Between The Hours Of Forever

Moonal froze time.

"I feel, Silver, I have an explanation to make." Moonal looked down, sighing deeply. "You see, I'm not truly the immortal of time. I certainly have all the strength and intelligence of all the other immortals, and I can definitely control time just as well as Mercuria, here. I am also long lasting. I may not be immortal, but I have existed since somewhere near the beginning, much like yourself, Silver.

"I don't understand... what are you saying?" Silver stepped forward, his eyes narrowing, glancing between Moonal and Mercuria, the rest of the group closed in on the conversation, as the details became more and more interesting.

"Mercuria, this female time weaver, is my sister, effectively." Moonal met Silver's shocked expression with a braced frown. "Mercuria is the Immortal of time. It is strange that it hasn't be questioned sooner, the ancient texts always stated that there were two male and two female immortals; 'and so through split stars it came to be, to form the universe again, two pillars, strong and lustful and two vessels wise yet naive would rebuild the starlit voids.'."

"Then why have you been tricking us, all this time?!" Autumn spat out of Lisle's mouth from behind them. Mercuria remained frozen. 

"I haven't been tricking you, since 30 years into my life I have been doing everything that the time immortal is meant to do, I fulfill all the criteria, I just simply am not the immortal of time, which is why I am so vulnerable to Kaos... he can destroy me with the most ease."

"Why have you been doing this all instead of her?" Silver shot a finger in Mercuria's direction.

"Mercuria was driven insane, long ago, much like Kaos."

"I know Kaos is evil, but insane?" Silver frowned.

"Hmmm, he controls it. Mercuria is the female that both the Phoenix and Kaos fell in love with. Remember that story London? In their power struggle, Vade, the Phoenix banished Kaos to Paradarkol, a solitary room in the middle of the anti-ether, a place that they didn't know existed. Unfortunately, Mercuria was torn between the two loves, and with the divide of the immortals, her sanity also split, creating Mercuria Luna and Mercuria Sol, one alive by day, one by night, all in the same body."

"Her heart was literally torn in two by the prospect of two loves being ripped apart from her?" Anna asked "That's almost romantic in a really twisted way."

"As I mentioned to London earlier, before Kaos was banished, he pricked his finger, releasing two drops of blood, which grew over time into humans through which he could channel dark thoughts, creating an energy that passed back through to him, which is what has allowed him his escape. I was brought into existence around the same time that Mercuria was driven mad. 

In the 30 years of my life before I took over as the time guardian, Mercuria continued to rule, almost along side Vade. By day she was helpful, kind, and beautiful, by night she broke time patterns and shifted whole eras back upon themselves, thus creating many a paradox, the whole system of rebuilding the universe would have to begin again and again, all the traces being either copied or deleted from existence."

"This sounds like a computer formatting..." Arvid said, his eyebrows raised. 

"Not too dissimilar... Vade did his best to keep what seemed vital, and wipe out what was redundant, or a copy. Only, sometimes he missed. I came into existence as a copy of Mercuria, only I had some abilities she didn't and visa versa. I can change form, sex, species, whatever, though this" he indicated to himself, "is my true form.

"There wasn't just me, there were many of us, Time Reapers, it made work easy, we repaired time quite well, even when Mercuria Luna spent a night destroying all we had worked for, it didn't take us long to put it all back together, we became quite efficient at it."

Everyone paused, waiting for more. Yet nothing seemed to come. Silver shifted uncertainly, then stepped over towards Mercuria, snatching Lisle from her tail's grasp. 

Silver held the 9 year old uncomfortably. He knew Autumn dwelled inside this child somewhere, that made him concern... why couldn't she have picked a better host?

"Ok, so what's the rest of the story, the bit of it to leads to where we all are now and what the hell is going on?" London said impatiently.

"One night, Mercuria Luna tried to assassinate Vade, this made him furious, he had given her everything he had ever possessed, and he had put up with her mischievous behavior for years upon end. Betrayal and murder was something far more serious. This was the work of Kaos, somehow he had got to her. Vade loved Mercuria very much, but he was left with no choice. With our help he tried to remove her from time, he felt this was the most painless option..."

The End

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