Through Him

Silver and the female time reaper both landed equal blows to one another, their fighting styles each unique and difficult to follow, counter or defeat. Silver used his wings to keep his opponent at bay for the most part, but her use of time weaving allowed her a distinct advantage. 

The two moved as if they were one, they're battle cries just as jarring as the battle itself. Each punch was landed with equal aggression, each kick was equally as hindering.  

"What is your purpose?!" Silver shouted at the end of a rally of punches. 

"What is yours?" The time reaper screamed back, she looked insane, her eyes almost rabid. 

"I'm here to prevent Kaos from destroying everything! Now answer the question!"

"Kaos isn't here to destroy anything!" A puzzled expression crossed over her contorted face of anger.

"Are you kidding me? He's killed the vast majority of the western universe, and you think he isn't destroying anything?"

"That's not true, you lying scum..." hesitancy graced her voice.

"Kaos has come here looking for two things. The DragonGlass, and a Gateway to Paradarkol... the room of nowhere. It would seem he has found the DragonGlass. Whether it is in his possession yet, I have no idea, though I'd rather find it before he did if at all possible. I don't know how he will find a way to Paradarkol, but we must ensure it doesn't happen. That is my job here."

"Do you know Moonal??"

"Fairly well... yes..."


"What? What have you done to him?"

"Nothing, he just said I had to find you..."

"So you started a fight with us? Who are you??" Silver's anger was rising once more, as he noticed Lisle was still behind the female time reaper, her tail grasping Lisle's leg.

"Mercuria... apologies... my mind isn't what it used to be." the girl seemed to twitch slightly, giggling away. 

The group simply stared at Mercuria for a moment, trying to make head or tails of what was going on. Silver found himself completely perplexed, only moments ago he was preventing Mercuria from destroying him, now she seemed like a giddy school girl, her mood had fluxed completely.

"Mercuria!" A familiar voice said. "Mercuria? what are you doing here?!"

Moonal floated over to Silver's side, his mouth aghast. 

The End

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