Much to the terror of the slowly diminishing team inside the ramshackle house being broken slowly by the dark skinned Nekura outside, the door that had been barraged, split cascading inwards, a cacophonous rupture descended on the house. 

The black bodies cruised in, stampeding through and over each other. Teeth tore at each other, fighting at each other for the prize, hands grasping and pulling at each other, preventing each other from reaching their victims. 

Silver burst from the house in an explosion of light, the wall smashed under his energy as he broke away from the dark bizarre creatures that chased them. In his wake, Arvid, London, Anna and Lisle pursued, trying to match his pace. Lisle struggled, her small legs and small lungs weren't used to such physical constraints.

Behind her the pounding of giant black feet and hands crushed into the ochre earth beneath them, thrumming like an echo of resonating wings crashing hard with each beat. The beats getting faster, getting louder, coming closer, getting nearer. 

Then the sound behind her stopped.

Silence creaked, eerie in the dark hollow.

Silver turned to face the strange silence.

And everything seemed to move slowly.

The following minute seemed to last forever, each action happening quicker that would have been thought possible. As Silver had turned he had noticed  the one thing he had dreaded the most, 10 or 20 Nekura were in pursuit of them, he had no time to make an exact estimate, he just knew there was a lot of black at their backs. The silence in the air had been caused from their abstinence from earth, the multitude of Nekura had leapt high in the air, pouncing towards Lisle and Anna. 

Quicker than seemed reasonable, London had removed a long whip from an inside pocket of his trench and had cracked it to whip around Anna in a dramatic fashion. He tugged her sharply as a Nekura bared down on her. 

Lisle turned and looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. The Nekura rapidly descending upon her. 

From no where a flash of green and yellow blurred through the world, crashing through the buildings and up and through the bulk of Nekura, disposing of a few with quick knocks on the way through. 

Moonal had exploded out of the time void again, and it seemed just in time. The blur seemed to gather Lisle up and carved them a path away from the black mass. 

When they stopped moving, Moonal wasn't such a blur of colour. In fact, what everyone had thought to be Moonal didn't look like Moonal so much now that the blur surrounding the movement had stopped. 

"What on earth...?" Anna looked at the figure before them. 

What at first appeared to be Moonal was a female form that appeared to be of the same species as Moonal. 

Her eyes were dark and sharp, glaring back at Anna who quickly stopped speaking. All the same patterns graced this female time reaper that had been on Moonal's soft, thin layer of fur. Her tail however was much longer, spanning at least 10 foot. It curled and shook violently, much like an impatient cat. 

"Who are you?" London stepped forward, but his bewildered, impatient stride forward was cut short as the female Moonal whipped her tail around to slice his legs out from underneath him. 

"Stay... where you are." she demanded in a stark tone. "I'll ask the questions." 

"Give Lisle back..." Silver demanded, a steely look in his eyes. 

"Or what?" The time reaper smirked. 

"Or I shall have to retrieve her from you, and I am sure neither of us need more enemies."

"I care not for enemies, I am not threatened by anyone."

"You've come to the wrong place if you are all about being the strongest."

"I beg to differ..."

"Then you are aware of Kaos? Immortal of Death? You believe you are stronger than He?" Silver looked smug, as if he were informing her of new information.

"I have no need to be threatened by such an ally as Kaos..." 

"You what? You're a time reaper in cahootz with the Immortal Of Death? Have you no pride?"

"Have you no sense?!" 

The two stood staring at each other for an uncomfortable period of time, just glaring at each other, neither showing any sign of backing down. Then... Silver pounced towards her. His dark wings unfolding and carrying him rapidly towards her.


The End

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