It was such a drastic change. One moment he was, quite literally, staring death in the face. Countless close encounters seemed to pot mark his time. He'd encountered demons and angels and everything in between. Now, he sat in a dark, empty space filled with multicolored lights.

Though, something was off. There weren't nearly as many orbs as there should have been. Usually there seem to be an infinite amount, adding a bit of color to the black background. However, now he could only see a couple dozen at the most. For something so simple, it unnerved him tremendously.

He started feeling claustrophobic, odd being that he could run for the rest of his life in any direction and not encounter any obstacles. It felt like the darkness was closing in on him, suffocating him, trying to consume him.

"You're not too far off you know." the now familiar voice called. The happy, deep voice. The warm, friendly voice. The one he distinctly remembered coming from a burning bird tackling a demon in the middle of a desert... I must be going crazy.

"It's not as absurd as that. Truly ask yourself, have you not seen stranger?" the voice replied.

"I need help." Isaac spoke aloud to the blackness after a stretch of silence.

The voice sighed in return. "I'm afraid I can't. The Immortals all agreed that our sanctuaries should remain secret from each other. I have no idea where you are."

"Wait, what do you mean our sanctuaries?" Isaac asked.

"I thought you would have pieced it together by now Isaac. I'm the first Immortal. I'm the Immortal of Life."

"You... you're the Phoenix?" he gasped.

"I think that's a bit redundant now. But, I am surprised there's a question you're not asking me."

"What's that?"

"Why, before I helped you, Kaos was able to help the fire take control. Why all the sudden I can speak to you. Why all the lights are disappearing. How you can save the earth!"

"Well, those are all pretty good. So, why?" Isaac sat on the ground. He felt this would be a while.

There was an echoing sigh through the dark before the Phoenix spoke again. "It is a very long story, and without Moonal's help, we don't have enough time. The short version is that you, Isaac, are a gateway."

Isaac didn't particularly like the sound of "gateway" anymore than the way the Phoenix said it. "A gateway to, where?" he asked.

"The to is simple. To wherever you are. It's the from that is the problem."

"Alright, " Isaac said with a lump in his throat. "From where?"

"Anywhere and everywhere, as long as the traveler knows what they're doing. Right now, I'm communicating with you over that gateway. Kaos did the same. He sent bits of energy over the gateway between his prison realm and yourself, and that sudden intense surge of dark energy caused the fire to take over.

"Now, he's trying to consume your soul so that the gateway will be within himself, and he doesn't have to make the extra effort to push his energy through you. And believe me, we don't want that to happen. Almost eighty percent of all his power is still locked away inside the prison realm and he's still destroyed nearly everything."

"So, what do I do?"




As the boy was engulfed in fire, Kaos' smile spread wide. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. As he glided down to the gaping hole in the planet, he dropped the burning madman through.

The boy ran a crazed rampage through the destroyed town, the few buildings still not being licked away by the flames of battle like a lollipop are seared by the flames of madness and anger.

Nekura were bashing against the door of a house, and rather then have them bash away for twenty minutes Kaos merely flicked his wrist and sent the door flying open.

He turned his attention to the White Wolf army, knowing full well that the enchantments on their swords would not only block any attacks he or any demon he called forth threw at them, but send them back ten fold.

But then again, he'd be lying if he said he didn't get a certain satisfaction watching the precious soldiers of light being disgraced as mere insects tore them limb from limb...

The End

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