The Swarm Inside

The fissure that Zanaria had created with his clumsy exit provided a large entry into the hollow for the remainder of the bug army. Dark, hard and slithering, crawling and clambering slowly, they trundled in through the whole, haphazardly stumbling over each other as the bizarre gravitational pull changed as they entered the hollow. Enormous millipedes scurried around the strange bend in the crust, its feelers ahead of it, tracking down the energy of the Dragon Glass.

Above ground, the white wolf army was slowly weakening, struggling mightily against the creatures of darkness that pounded against their shields and swords. The Nekura had held back, their leathery bodies tight and strong, waiting eagerly to destroy their prey. Thousands of them waited for to seize their moment, to obey their next command. Their teeth glistening white in the clash of their dark skin and green eyes. 

Edging the crumbling precipice, the white wolf army held their ground, thrashing and slashing bugs down into the hollow. Their crimson stained ivory armor dirty and frayed. 

Nyoki had lost Ezin, but it was of no importance, he knew he would remain victorious, should they ever meet again. 

"Feast on the precious flesh of the elementals, my friends." Nyoki ordered the Nekura with a wicked smile.

With great pleasure, the Nekura begun their chase, the human shaped Nekura took to all fours and their black limbs pounded along the ground, crazy glares in their eyes, hungry and manic. Their bodies shifted in and out of each other, clambering over each other and stampeding towards the new entrance to the hollow. 

When the white wolves saw the dark stampede they feared, sadly, that all was lost, yet with valiant effort they braced themselves for a heavy impact, which was likely to push them down into the strange pit behind them. 

It was much to their surprise when the wave of black bodies split and tore past them on either side, diving in an animalistic fashion into the hollow. 

Thousands of them crashed into the hollow, they thundered, chaotic about the village around them, tearing at fiery houses, ripping apart the frames of small cottages. Searching for the preciously powerful elementals. 

Silver and the gang had been making their way towards where they had last seen the Dragon Glass when the surge of Nekuron had entered through the hole that Zanaria had been so kind to create. 

"Nekura" Silver spoke, a tremulous whisper of a word. 

"What are the Nekuron?" London asked?

A twitch of the eye

"Does it matter what they are, stupid? They look dangerous"

"Nekura." Silver corrected "They are a strange race, many stories have been told about them. I personally believe the one that suggests that they are Dark Elementals, whose powers consumed them, it can happen with all Elements, it's just that Darkness appears to have the most adverse affects."

"So they are bad then?" Anna questioned.

"Oh, yes." Silver's throat  struggled to answer, his mouth had gone dry. 

"Then what should we do?" Arvid looked out of the crumbling ruins of a house they had taken shelter in for the time being.

"I have no idea. I'd go as far as to say these creatures are as bad if not worse than Kaos... Kaos is sly... The Nekura are sheer brutality incarnate... They will literally rip your insides out and eat you alive."

"That sounds gross" Lisle grimaced.

"That's not half of it." Silver's eyes narrowed. "They can..."

Silver was cut off by a small noise. The noise that comes from the attempt to open a locked door. All of their eyes glanced over to the door through which they had entered, the doorknob turned slowly, anti clockwise, they could her the metal grate as the pin coiled from the lock. The door remained locked. So the attempts came harder and faster until they were made to jump by a loud thud at the door. Something was barraging the heavy wooden door with it's body. 

The group slunk back into the shadows, trying to keep out of eyesight. At that moment, a single Nekura, silently crept along outside the window that Arvid had been standing at just moments before. It's wicked eyes glanced inside, tracing the walls, seeking prey. 

More thuds came from the door, louder and louder, either the one thing was becoming persistent or others had joined in. The door began to splinter, shreds of light spattering the floor just inside the entrance. With a final series of thuds, came a crash, and the door broke open...



The End

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