The Prison Becomes Sanctuary

One moment, he had been standing with in a clearing. Kaos and himself floating above the ground, the black lake a viscous backdrop on the whole scene.

Then they started rising higher, and a black glow seemed to eminate from Kaos. There was a sound like a fluorescent light bulb that caused Isaac to look up.

The most beautiful lights danced across the sky, a ribbon of neon green so close he felt he should have been able to reach out and touch it.

"The radiation is eating through the last of the atmosphere. The planet will be stripped of life within seconds." Kaos spoke in his eerily calm manner.

"Then what are we doing here! lets go!" Isaac urged, to which Kaos retorted with a laugh. "I am the Immortal of death, Isaac. Do you think it is beyond my power to protect you from such a natural occurrence?"

And then, like that, the lights stopped and the plants beneath them started to burn. "Oh, the power of nature, eh Isaac?" he sighed. "But, you are quite right. We must be going. Or, rather you must be going."

"You're not coming with me?" Isaac asked. "No, unfortunately, some of my power is still trapped in the prison realm I was inside of. That's actually what I need you for."

Isaac suddenly lost all sensation. The cool air on his skin, the sights so hypnotizing before him, the sound of the plants being reduced to ashes. It was still, silent blackness, devoid of all sensation.

"You mustn't fight it Isaac." the voice of Kaos boomed through the blackness. "I have the elements of Wind, Earth, Water, and Light." Kaos began. However, nothing after that really registered. Instead, words buried in his subconscious came forth.

"Wind, Earth, Water, Light. All shall lose their fight."

The carving on the dragon glass. Isaac thought.

"The immortal balance disturbed, the land shall quake. They will pick their protectors carefully, as much is at stake. Darkness will devour all signs of life, and all of life shall succumb."

Kaos is doing this. he realized. He's destroying the entire planet!

"Darkness cannot be killed, for the brighter the light the darker the shadows become."

Kaos can't be killed... because he controls death.

The darkness brightened considerably, though he couldn't make any clear shapes out. "I need it Isaac." Kaos demanded. "And you can either give it to me, or I can take it from you!"

He still couldn't see, but he could feel. There was a firm hand gripping both his arms, and the smell of rotting flesh stung his eyes."Give me your soul!"

The warmth at his core throbbed, and Isaac made a split second decision. He urged the heat on, and soon the flames flickered along him. "Stop it!" Kaos yelled. "Stop it now!"

It was Isaac's turn to laugh. "Or what, you'll kill me? Take my soul away? Bite me!"

And then he felt it, the subtle change in consciousness and awareness. The bright, multicolored orbs floated around him. He had just, for the first time, willingly surrendered his body to the fire and embraced the Realm of Minds.

The End

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