Rage of Feathers

Lisle approached the end of the cave, a large rock appeared to block the way, this place seemed like a dead end... but something in Autumn told Lisle what she had to do. Raising her hand to the rock, her palm appeared to glow briefly, and the rock dissipated into the air. Others behind her looked at each other in confusion or let out a little gasp of surprise. 

Touching Lisle's shoulder in acknowledgment of her accomplishment, Silver brushed past her and into the new continuation of the cave. The cave got steadily darker and darker, and despite the torch that London had retrieved from one of his numerous pockets, it appeared to continue getting darker. 

They were then engulfed in darkness, they could see nothing at all, just hear voices, screaming, terrified words, panic, shouting, terror. Suddenly all of their stomachs lurched, as if they had been heaved through a massive tumble dryer, spun on their heads and placed again upside down. Which, in actuality, was not so far from the truth.

With light, came the sights that accompanied the sounds perfectly, the group couldn't explain what an incredible sight they could see. 

Silver had never been to this place, it would seem they were now inside the large sphere they had so long wandered upon. The sphere was of such a large size that it was barely noticible that the planet arced inwards now, there was no real horizon, the land curved upwards in the distance, becoming misty with the distance, the land continued to go on and on until it reached its apex above them. they were in a perfectly hollowed out sphere, with light coming from no visible place. 

They appeared to stand in a street at the edge of a dilapidated town, which had seen better times. Several houses were surrendering to billowing fires, explosions pocked the time between silences. 

"Oh my... what's happening here?" Anna said quietly.

London stepped forward looking for something, anything to explain what was going on, Anna grasped on to his hand tightly. Silver placed his hand on London's shoulder, stopping him from progressing. 

"Something is wrong here, Kaos hasn't got here yet, surely?" London looked back at Silver.

"I don't know London, Kaos is quite unpredictable and hard to trace." Silver's eyes hardened as he watched the frame of a fiery building tumble. 

Ahead of the group, at a cross roads, not 200 foot in front of them, a large scarab moved much like a dung beetle, rolling a large pearlescent  sphere across the ground. The sphere appeared to throb, energy pulsed across the ground, rocking the group of newcomers to this land. 

Zanaria had remained quiet since he had come about, he seemed deep in his thoughts, until now when he realized that Issac wasn't with them. 

"Where's the brat?" he spat.

"What?" Arvid turned to him.

"Issac, the other elemental kid, where is he?"

Silver turned and looked around, his face creased in concern. "Damn... We don't have time for him now... That sphere we just saw? That's the Dragon Glass, they are trying to get it out of the hollow."

"I could feel it, it felt incredible..." Arvid seemed refreshed for the first time since he came around. 

"Me too" Lisle spoke quietly, everyone turned to look at her. 

"You're an elemental too?" Zanaria sneered. 

"I am... yes..."

Zanaria spun on the spot and looked around, he seemed infuriated with this place. "I need to get out of this hell hole, I need to find Issac, I need to stop Kaos, I need to find Sedusa. How do I get out of here!?" 

With no more warning Zanaria exploded from the ground and into the air, he flew high and then dove directly at the ground, screaming crazily.

"Zanaria... no!" Silver motioned towards him.

With all his strength Zanaria punctured the crust of the sphere, it crumbled and split away from the planet, exploding outwards as he came to rest on the outside of the sphere again, he breathed heavy and hard, he was determined to find Issac and stop him from beating Kaos... That was his job.

The End

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