Deal With The Devil

The trees themselves seemed to gawk at him as he ran through the dense foliage. He had no idea where he was going, but it had to be better than where he was. He felt attracted somehow, like a moth to a flame. Something was calling him desperately, it had to be important. It had to be something that would help. It had to be...

He broke into a clearing, his thoughts stopping and his mouth stood open. It was a black river, just like the one at the bottom of the valley when he had first been attacked by his shadow double. He knew now of the vile creatures that dwelled within, but this was not what had him struck dumb as a fool.

Kaos himself floated in mid air above the tar-like mess, his foul grin spread wide. "I was hoping you'd show up. I was calling you." He said in a casual, almost mocking way. Isaac half expected to be offered a cup of tea.

"I think we got off to a bad start. You see, I'm really not 'evil' like that Autumn girl would have you believe. Uh, and that angel." he rolled his head slightly, all that was visible of his over-dramatized eye roll. "You see Isaac, " he continued. "I am in a position of great power, and no matter what decision I make, somebody is going to be unhappy. Do you understand?"

Isaac gave a weak nod, his mouth was too dry to speak. A flurry of curse words were the only intelligible thought in his mind, and even that was a bit of a stretch.

"Good, you've got a head on your shoulders." he said with sinister smile. "I don't blame you for how you feel." he gave a short chuckle then, a rasping sound that made the hair on the back of Isaac's neck stand on end. "Both that girl and the renegade angel have caused me quite a bit of trouble."

"Wait, what?" Isaac asked. He had been listening with fear through most of Kaos' speech. Mostly escape plans came and went like waves washing away footprints in the sand. But 'renegade angel' had certainly caught his attention.

"Oh, you didn't know?" Kaos spoke. He was either genuinely surprised, or his acting skills had just skyrocketed. "Yes, Silver, you know, Mr. black wings? He's a renegade. Deserted his own people. He's a traitor, is what he is. He has done absolutely horrible things to people, Isaac. Horrible things."

Isaac swallowed as Kaos moved closer. Shadows drifted from his fingertips as he did so, shaping themselves into countless scenes of horrendous actions. Isaac had to firmly close his eyes, but they haunted him in the darkness. He turned to Kaos. "B... but what about the others? Moonal said that -"

"Aw, yes, my brother." he rubbed a hand on his chin and sighed. "Autumn and Silver got to him a long, long time ago I'm afraid. That whole he-controls-death argument is pretty solid. But what most people don't realize is that balance is key. I mean, you can even look to the elements for that. Fire and water. Light and dark. Most people don't see the relation between land and air, but land obstructs wind while wind erodes land."

Kaos closed the distance between them and place a hand on Isaac's shoulder. Isaac had expected to either die right then, or feel immense pain and fall to the ground. However, neither happened. Instead, Isaac began to float into the air at eye level with Kaos.

"So what do you say, allies?" Kaos asked. He raised his other hand as he spoke.

Isaac went pale, but took the hand extended to him. There was a small prick on his palm, but barely noticeable over the feeling of wanting to puke again. Kaos smiled his sinister smile once more. "Good, we have much to do. But first, lets get out of here before the whole place crumbles beneath us."

The End

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