Prophecy chosen

Zanaria could feel the spit sliding off his back just before his consciousness slipped.

Crap, not again! He figured that he would find himself inside that Realm of Minds again, not expecting to be whisked away inside his own mind.

The darkness was replaced with a grassy fields and clear blue skies. Fluffy, white clouds crawled across the sky, something that Zanaria hadn't seen in a long time.

Where am I? Is Sedusa alright? Zanaria clamered to his feet, and tried to find a fatal wound, a place like this must be heaven.

"We don't have long, you will be waking soon." An eagle landed on Zanaria's shoulder. "I am your eagle half, your instinct and being. You are in grave danger. When you were spit upon by Kaos, something happened."

"What!?" Zanaria's heart leaped fromhis chest, too many things have gone wrong, he didn't need anything more.

"When you wake, you will be back where you fell, but you will soon find all is not well If.-"

"Enough with the riddle talk! Give it to me straight up!" Zanaria roared

"I can't but here is a simpler version. Something happened, and if you ignore it you will attack the ones you love. But if you emrace this certain something, you will get to watch as Kaos and Nyoki fall."

"Are you saying that I'll defeat Kaos? I remember Kaos saying that I could defeat him, and he called me a moron." Zanaria growled, remembering his last conscious moments.

"You are going to wake up right now, Kaos has set his future. He chose you, by spitting on you he picked who was going to defeat you. It was either you or Issa-" The eagle caught hiself. "Said to much, you must wake up now."

"Wait, are you saying Issac is just as powerful as me? He's nothing more than a b-"

Zanaria found his voice fading, and his eyes opening.

"That peice of crap will never compare to me." Zanaria snarled, lifting himself off the ground. "Issac is nothing more than a bu-"

Zanaria froze looking for Sedusa. She was gone, Moonal was as well.


The End

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