100 strong.

From the bleak void of the Heliopause, the space dragon and the large hollow spheres that it held in it's multiple claws, exploded through the Nebulon Storms, torrents of radioactive winds and pulses of heat washing over the hard scaly surface of the the dragon's back, and through the crumbling rocks, tremulous in the wake. 

Sand storms brewed, the dark fingers of wind pummeled down in cyclonic tunnels, crushing the bewildered soldiers and dark creatures beneath their mighty press. White wolves were low on bent metal, protecting armored soldiers who crouched for a low center of gravity in the blizzard of pebbles and small rocks.

Occasionally a creature would lift, generally one of the smaller, lighter creatures, carried away in the webs of winds.

Kaos crackled through the air in a stream of darkness, wicked blades of jet pierced from the sides of the black smog, cutting down enemies as he cruised on the wings of the sand storm. The crimson he spilt trickled down the white armor of the soldiers that had come in attempt to defeat him. Fools. He thought, laughing maniacally.

One hundred of their soldiers remained, a tiny percentage of the troops that had marched upon the dark chaos of shadows that swarmed in unpredictable, haphazard formations around them. 

The Soldiers were in a blur, they had never battled such strange creatures before, never had they been flanked so easily, out maneuvered, out numbered. 

Remaining, the one hundred soldiers stood their ground, they were strong and nothing could penetrate their defense, yet, simultaneously they weren't progressing, and between the torrent of attacks and the desert blizzard around them, they were getting no where fast.

- - - 

Ezin remained in the grasp of Nyoki, his balance barely knocked by the impact of the Nebulon storms at all...

"Did you truly think that you could trick us? The Nebulon Fields feeds The Darkness, it gives us strength, it gives us energy and more power, Nebulon is sheer Dark matter itself" His grip closed in around her jaw. Ezin could feel the bone bend, unnaturally in his clench.

Without much thought, Ezin released herself from his clasp, exploring new dimensions, strange and twisted places that she had never travelled to inside the Nebulon spacescape. Everything was so strange and bizarre, she struggled to keep her eyes open, the last thing she saw was a bright white light...

Then everything was swarmed in darkness.

The End

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