Tiny flames flicked up and down Isaac's back and arms, his anger at a dangerous level. It felt like the heat was baking him from the inside out, and he knew all too well if he didn't get a handle on it soon, it would... It would... What?

He raised a hand to the side of his head. He didn't feel too good. Calm. Calm. It took him a moment to realize that it wasn't his voice speaking inside his head. Though, after what he'd been through lately, this hardly frightened him at all.

You can't let him get the best of you, Isaac. the voice spoke. It was definitely a familiar voice, but where he'd heard it he couldn't remember. His vision was going red. Remember what you're fighting for.

His vision slipped into blackness, and his thoughts returned to normal. For a brief moment, he thought he had slipped into the Realm of Minds yet again. However, it didn't stay black for long.

Suddenly, he was in the middle of a lush, green park. Children laughed, they're father still in his work suit chasing after them just as gleefully. A single, though unusually large oak stood in the middle of the jungle of swings and slides. It's leaves flapped about in the gently summer wind.

That too faded to blackness, before being replaced by something else. It was a black world, much of it on fire. Nothing moved except for the occasional collapsing structure in the background. A single bare, lifeless tree was the only thing that made him realize he was looking at the same place.

Earth has been destroyed, Isaac. the voice spoke. And you can bring it back. You can put a stop to it. Isaac's breath caught in his throat. "How?" he asked.

Kaos somehow used you as a gateway. It's how he was able to channel enough of his energy into the world to generate a body and create his shadow demons. It came through strongest when you let the fire out. But a gateway has to work both ways. And if you can become a gateway again, I can finish what we started so many years ago.

"What do you mean?" he asked. But before he could finish, the images shown to him were gone, and he was back outside the cave. It seemed no time at all had passed, as everyone was still walking into the cave.

Silver turned to look at him. "I didn't say anything."

Paying no attention to him, Isaac looked at his hands. He was certainly calmer, and the fire had stopped. His mind was far clearer than it had been, and he could remember vividly the last place he had heard that voice.

It was the disembodied voice that had not only waken up Anna and Zanaria, but himself multiple times. It had brought forward fire, and .... it had done something to him. Isaac scrunched up his forehead, trying to remember. Bugs... it had taken bugs out of him and burned them. Then, memories...

Memories of what? He could feel it, just like when a word or name is right on the tip of your tongue. It was as if some rubber band had been holding his mind into a tiny space, and after so long he could finally feel it. Feel it give when he pushed against it.

He clenched his eyes shut and a layer of sweat formed on his brow. His arms shook, and yet the only thought in his mind was Break it. Remember.

And just as a rubber band does when pushed, whatever was holding back his memories snapped and released them. A torrent of sights, sounds and smells assaulted him.

He was on the burning desert plain, dead bugs the size of horses and rhinos strewn about. Shadow copies of himself and hundreds of others burned, shining white gashes flashing on their sides, their chests, anywhere.

The air stank of rotting eggs and death, the scent of formaldehyde smacking him in the face every time one of the beasts caught on fire. And... for some reason, he felt heavier.

It's not real! Isaac was screaming inside his head. Ok, it was real. At some point. But it's not happening now. It's just a memory, just... Just... But through all his protest, the memory continued to play like some sort of movie playing in his mind.

He raised his left hand to block out the sun, only to find it clasping a white shield with an intricate wolf carved on the front. His arm was clad in a stunning white armor, and that's when he associated the sudden weight he was feeling with the armor covering his entire body. Examining the sword in his right hand, symbols seemed to glow along the blade.

A massive bird flew over head, but he didn't flinch. It was at least as large as a flying bus, and it was on fire. But the cry escaping the birds lips was not pain, but a battle cry.

It tackled the black demon behind the insect army, a column of flame rocketing into the sky. "Now Daniel!" the bird yelled.

Isaac raised the hand with the sword in it, and killed himself.

The images stopped, and Isaac threw-up. The rest of the group had long ago disappeared into the cave, only the silence remained to accompany him. He looked at the blackening clouds of the sky, their rotation ever quickening. This place doesn't have much time left. Isaac knew. A flash of red lighting struck somewhere far away, but he could still feel the ground tremble under its might. When he tried to stand, he noticed his entire body was trembling. And I don't think getting underground is going to help.

The End

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