The Darknesss within the Light.

Alastor stared at the chaos around him. He was clad in his demonic armour, his three cerberus dogs standing guard behind him. A large lion like demon calmy made its way to his side.

"It has started demon lord." The demon growled.

Alastor nodded to his companion. "The shadow demon and...this  Kaos have amassed an army. One too large for us to defeat."

Suddenly a bright light caught the dmon's attention. Near a large river of shadowy creatures, an equally large group of white clad soldiers rode towards them. Alastor couldn't help but stare, wondering why they looked so familiar.

"So demon seems mortals from your past have made an unexpected appearence." The lion demon chuckled. One cerberus creature pounced at the lion, knocking him to the ground. The demon roared, flipping the cerberus off him and over the cliff they were standing over. It let out a yelp before landing on the ground with a crunch.

"Control yourself fire demon!" Alastor ordered. The Lion demon roared at him before turning his attention to the two advancing Cerberus. However, Alastor motioned the dogs to settle down. "Wait my fire tempered accomplices. We will get our chance to strike soon." But as the demon lion and dogs began to walk away, Alastor stood, still looking at the white riders who were almost upon the shadow army. The Whtie Wolves of did they get here? Why do the seem familiar? How did I know what to call them?


As the large cavalry of knights clad in white armour depicting the image of wolves approached the shadow army of Kaos, the lead knight rasied his sword.

"Remember Wolves, we fight to protect our land! We fight to protect our people! And we fight to protect the Dragon Glass!"

The kngihts cheered and lowered their lances, a resounding crash was heard as the knights made contact with the shaodw army...

Behind the army, a group of other white knights watched in anticiation. Three figures stood out from the rest however. A large man who carried a large flag with a white wolf on it stared foreward alongside a blonde man with short messy hair and a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair.

"The young man gritted his teeth, attempting to restrain his horse and himself from joining the battle. "I don't understand Sigmar. Why can't I join them in battle?"

The flag bearer sighed. "This battle is not your destiny Valten. If you die here, the prophecy will be broken!"

The woman, whos name was Araya pulled out a lyre strapped to her back. She plucked the strigns, creating a beautiful and soothing melody.

"You always know when to play that lyre Araya." Sigmar remarked.

Valten merely sighed before kicking his horse in the opposite direction of the battle. "I suppose I should follow him Sigmar?" Araya questioned.

Sigmar leaned back a bit befroe speaking. "No don't...he's just...tense. After all he will be here."

Araya fowned. It was the prophecy. It satted that a world doomed for destruction would need the help of not just the White Wolves of Middenheim, but also a large group of strangers from other worlds. They all shared one common goal. To protect the Dragon Glass from the grasp of two powerful demons. However, it also stated that two brothers would face each other in combat. One would walk the path of light, a warrior of justice and light. But he would be clouded with rage and vengeance against his brother, who walked the path of evil and eventaully demonhood. The two were doomed to meet and fight each other in combat. Either the light would triumph or the dark. The good and the bad. Valten, Prince of Middenheim or Alastor, the forsaken one...

The End

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