The Nebulon Storms

Drifting for minutes before the spatial jump, the rock seemed still and calm, everything rested and the winds died down. Something the air was foreboding, the stillness was unsettling, dark creatures shifted from foot to foot, peering up in to the cataclysmic void above. Spindles of lightening wrapped around clouds, in a web of light that appeared to collect and shift them silently. Clouds swam horizontally in the sky, marching forward like silent echelons, millions of small grey feet treading the sky apocalyptic before sunrise. 

Beneath the nine ivory splinters at the edge of the desert, Kaos' army gathered, strange bugs and bizarre creatures, oily and slick shifted slowly and heavily. Scarab beetles the size of houses trundled across the sandscape, high above their brethren below. 

A series of dark hands began to punctuate the ground, piercing up from the dusty ochre earth, black leathery skinned hands cracked up out of the floor. Small, dark beings, crawled from the crevices in the earth, their black worn skin was as dark as a spatial abyss, their eyes as green as the hidden eyes of Kaos. Wicked smiles and razorblade teeth glimmered with spittle in the last moonlight before dawn. 

The Nekura were a formidable race, likened to zombies but faster, stronger and most dangerously, sentient. They were said to be the souls of the angry dead, controlled by Kaos, they became stronger than they had ever been in life, and the power consumed them. Yet, there was a order to their chaotic nature. They were more similar to a pack of velociraptor, they moved and hunted as one, they were a strong team and very little could out run or out smart them.

They crawled from the ground, their black, pockmarked skin sucked in the light of the moon. Their heads, thick with equally jet black hair, moved, animalistic in the night, their senses sharpening, their feelings keening. 

From above in the previous stillness a large crack of thunder rung out, glistening lightening splaying down in all directions, hurtling wildly into rock and gatherings of black bugs, crushing their darkness beneath its electrical mass. 

Strangely the lightening wasn't a sudden flash of light before continuing darkness, but a consistently bright light, legs of lightening carrying what appeared to be a ball of electricity that was slowly lowering itself to the ground.

As the orb of light gently touched down on the parched earth, the dark creatures around it cowered from the immense light that now began to dissipate. Inside, dressed elegantly as before, Ezin stood, her face hard and determined. 

She moved forward without appearing to walk so much as float, through the dark crowds of bugs, shabby animals and newly born Nekura, directly for the dark demon lord, Nyoki. 

Moving heavily in his dark armor, Nyoki turned to face Ezin, no fear apparent in his abyss like eyes. Without so much as a blink, two tendrils swept from behind him, curving in the air and making a direct attack at Ezin, who appeared to simply stand, awaiting the blow. 

As the thick black tendrils neared, Ezin shot forward, flickering out of existence periodically, jumping across ribbons of space. Nyoki tried to follow her but couldn't keep up, his tendrils crossed the labyrinth web of dimensional layers in front of him, tracing the footsteps that Ezin had left, but she was faster, she was better at this. As Ezin came back into the first dimension, she waved her hands, cutting off the portals that she had passed through. Nyoki let out a wild roar as his two tendrils were shredded and cut to pieces through the maze of razor blade portals. 

He leapt forward in rage, his mighty fist wrapping around Ezin's throat. 

"I will destroy you, you puny creature! Who do you think you are, tricking yourself into believing that you could toy with me!?" He spat

Looking up into his dark, scar riddled face, Ezin simply said, "I am an immortal of space... and I am the weakest of those that come to destroy you and Kaos."

The world shook, a turgid wave of wind ground down into them, shuddering the earth beneath them. In the sky, lights flickered through the silver clouds, a ribbon of light like an aurora pressed through the sky. 

Ezin knew the Dragon was about to jump through the Nebulon Storms, she hoped to the high Immortal that she had delayed the armies of darkness long enough.

The End

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