First Encounter

When Silver located Moonal and the rest of the group, the Angel, Crex, Vlad and the more intellectual half of Mike Craw were still absent. Zanaria had managed to scout out the legs of the bizarre raptor, yet had no luck with the others. Both of them hoped the Angel would soon return, with others in tow. 

Moonal and Sedusa eyed up the young girl suspiciously, but neither of them voiced their doubts as Silver explained passionately what he believed had happened.

"Somehow, I don't know how, part of Autumn was laid over the top of this young girl, some part of her imprinted on to her, almost like she clung to the first living thing she could just to retain her soul." Silver waved his hands trying to somehow portray what he was saying. His eyes were bright with wonderment, he was outrageously happy to know that Autumn, at least to some extent had survived.

Time had been getting short, so Moonal had pulled a trump and attempted to slow the speed of the whole spatial region down, save for his own companions, out there somewhere trying to return to the group. This of course was energy consuming and ultimately resulted in exhausting Moonal, until the point that he couldn't hold the time frame any longer.

What appeared to be hours had passed, and there was still no sign of the angel, and now they only had around ten minutes to spare themselves. Lisle/Autumn had led them quite a distance into a strange place with strange animals and trees. As they reached an opening near a cave mouth, they saw Issac laying dilapidated in the middle of a grassy patch. He seemed conscious, however he did also appear to be out of breath. 

"Issac?"Lisle stepped forward and peered down at the boy who's exasperated gaze looked back up at her, he gave a quick smile of acknowledgment before pulling himself up into a sitting position.

"Hi Lisle..." He turned his head to see everyone peering at him, perplexed. "Ah, hi guys..." As his gaze came upon Zanaria he finished abruptly. 

"There isn't much time Autumn..." Silver spoke, looking up as stars began to shake in the sky.

Lisle's body moved strangely, almost as if it were too small to cope with the directions it's mind had given it. Lisle opened her mouth once more, eyes glazed over and spoke with a voice that had never been hers. "I know, Silver..." 

The group muttered to itself, none of them had been properly introduced to Silver, and they wondered why they so readily followed him, especially as some of them hadn't even heard his name until this point. But Moonal insisted that they should keep him in good company, for he, as Moonal said "has proven to be useful"

Dark skies rotted slowly, the speed of the planet increased, the winds blew haphazardly around them. Something seeped towards them, darkly creeping. 

"Well, well, well... what have we here," A slimey voice traversed into their ears. "... a time puppeteer, a mermaid, an elemental, a pair of legs, a badly dressed gentleman and his quirky little female friend, a renegade angel, a young girl and a... bird... Well aren't you the finest young specimen, I am sure somewhere between your amalgamated moronism you have the ability to harm me somewhat. Do you fancy your chances?" Kaos spat, turgid words creeping from his tongue.

The air went stale, and the oxygen changed to black, the world around them sunk, and everyone felt like they were moving in sludge, Kaos merely stood, grinning evilly, a wicked smile traced across an otherwise featureless face. 

"Kaos, this is between me and you, no body else, leave them be." Moonal shouted. 

"Or what?! What do you possibly think you could do to me? There is no extent of harm that you could cause me that is greater than what you have already done! Don't insult me with your vague challenges. I am stronger, faster and smarter than you."

"LEAVE THEM BE!" Moonal's voice crushed the world around them. 

With a laughter that could only belong to that of a monster lacking even a low level of sanity, Kaos raised his hand and pointed at Sedusa, a bright beam of energy plunged from his finger tip and ripped right through her chest. Zanaria immediately attempted to attack Kaos in a fit of rage, but Kaos was too fast and knocked him to the ground, immediately rendering him unconscious.

Everyone stared horrified that Sedusa may have just been killed in front of them. 

"Now I suggest you all stay down there in Ezin's realm until we come find you, and destroy you... I will have the Dragon Glass, and no amount of anger will stop me." He smiled, then spat on Zanaria. Kaos then instantly vanished from the opening. 

Everyone looked at each other, the dark feeling had gone, but a new sense of melancholy filled the air as they witnessed two strong members of their team ridiculed in combat. Even Issac showed sympathy towards Zanaria, wiping the spit from his back. 

"That wasn't right... why would he do that? What was the point in that, what was the purpose?" Issac fumed, small flames flickering up his arms and down his back.

"There doesn't need to be a purpose. Kaos does as he sees fit... It will always be that way unless we can do something soon..." Moonal looked down at Sedusa solemnly. "Everyone, go into the cave, I will take Sedusa to a safe place for now, and see if I can heal her there. Hopefully this will all be over soon, stay strong everyone. 

And with that, Moonal disappeared from sight, Sedusa in his arms. 

The End

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