Heart Shaped Strangeness

Silver chose to glide across the world at quite a height, his eyes were keen and he could cover more ground looking for Crex, Vlad and Mike this way. His black glassy wings slipped gracefully through the air, he exploded wonderfully across the sky, swiftly tracing the earth with his silver eyes.

Below him he could see behemoth scarabs and other such beetles gathering, some were as large as elephants, others, like spiders were as big as dogs. Nyoki and Kaos were gathering an army, yet Silver refused to believe that Bugs would be their main troops. Silver had experienced the Kaos Army first hand before, he knew what they were capable of. The Nekura, a formidable race of the darkest souls, created through Kaos' ability to withdraw all light from a soul.

As Silver continued over the pockmarked world, he left the factions of Darkness behind. He pushed himself harder and faster, he knew he only had a few minutes before he would have to turn back, he was hoping Moonal and the others were making better progress than he. 

Looking across the plains that he crossed rapidly, Silver glimpsed a tiny being, and a large smog of darkness fleeing it rapidly. Silver was intrigued, he wasn't sure if the being was fighting for good or evil, Silver obviously knew that such things were never so black and white, but as of late, the scenarios surrounding them often suggested one or the other.

Letting his curiosity get the best of him, Silver descended slightly to get a better look at the being he had seen. As he reached a comfortable distance, he realized what he was looking at was a small female child. This completely threw Silver, he was supposed to know of all the last inhabitants, yet nothing was mentioned about a young girl. 

As if she had sensed him somehow, she looked up, staring directly at him. Silver's eyes widened, his mind racing. 

"Come down, Silver" The young girl called out in a soft, smooth voice. Something about it was familiar to Silver, but he couldn't tell what.

Silver landed softly next to her, looking down at her still as she stood at only about 4 foot, tall for her age, he imagined. 

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" Silver's face was creased with confusion, his brow mangled together oddly as if concerned. 

"My name is Lisle. I don't really know how I know you... I just do. Somehow I know so much more now than I did before... I don't know how." Lisle looked confused too, looking down at her now solid hands, momentarily her body blinked into an ethereal wave of energy, atoms collapsing and separating, washing around in the air before gathering back to their original form. Lisle yelped in sincere surprise.

"Oh my... your a ghostling." Silver stepped back, shaking his head in horror.

"I am? What is that? This boy Issac told me I was an elemental..." 

Silver stood shocked at what stood before him... this girl, this girl was the same as Autumn, how could it be? No ghostling other than Autumn had ever left the Ghost line. And now, here was this 'Lisle' Character. Silver turned away, his thoughts racing, exploring his mind for an answer, but nothing came to him. 

"Silver..." Autumn's voice crackled through the air. Silver spun to see Lisle floating so her eyes were at the same level his, they glowed a deep violet, throbbing and piercing him. Her hair splayed around her head as ethereal energy radiated off of her. "Silver..." The girl's mouth moved, but Silver was certain that it was Autumn's voice he could hear. "This girl is not a ghostling... she is elemental, like Issac said... but I am here too... It's me Silver, it's Autumn..."

Silver's heart pounded, this was too much, if this was a sick joke he wouldn't know how to handle himself, he wanted it to be true, but then he didn't... he didn't want Autumn to have to suffer any more. Besides which, he felt there was something morally wrong about loving the soul of someone inside a 9 year old child. 

"We..." Silver begun, his throat seizing up, tight, "We have to go... now. It won't be safe on the surface much longer... we have to go underground..."

"I know the way." Autumn spoke.

"You do? Then we have to go and find the others quickly, there isn't much time now."

Silver took the young girls hand, and lifted into the sky, tracing his way back to the energy that Moonal was emitting as a beacon. 

The End

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