An Imprint

The world turned apocalyptic, arcing and crashing through the spatial seas of time and interdimentional planes. Flecks of star dust crackled across the small rock, heaved across thousands of miles a second by the enourmous space dragon.

On the flip side of this dimension, ethereal patterns lurched, energy lolled and burnt scars into the real world, the underlying visuals of this world crushed together so tightly, that some of their remnants oozed into the real world.

Autumn wasn't dead. Just as Kaos had said, he wouldn't kill her, just leave her weak enough to watch helplessly. She was eternally, entirely ethereal, she was a pure energy, but the sort that had no impact, she was an underlying array of thought and feeling, ideas and dreams, twisted togther in a strange conglomeration of pretty patterns and echoing scars.

Ezin had come to her, in her death, in her transition, to ensure her survival... part of Ezin had been etched on to Autumn, she could feel it. Ezin had intended it as a gift, for what purpose, Autumn was yet to work out.

Stabs of white bled into the amalgamation of colours in this place, something was wrong with that, the universe was falling apart, Kaos was tearing a hole in the universe. Autumn knew she had to stop him, she just didn't know how...

Then it came to her.

Autumn used the gift that Ezin had offered her, Ezin could travel through space, through different dimensions, then why shouldn't the same be for Autumn now? Autumn permitted herself entrance to the real world, her ethereal waves crashing around her, she was a blizzard of energy, unsupported by the rest of the world. However the invisable permeations of the energy around her remained strong, yet she could no longer see them.

From the distance a black smog shattered head long towards her, breaking and rejoining a haphazard blizzard of darkness tunnelling through the world past her. But with it, a second presence, weak, ethereal... Lisle.

Autumn pressed out her ethereal form like a spider's web. The black smog pressed through her with ease, however it was not Alix, the dark transport of the small girl that Autumn was interested in. Autumn sensed great strength and weakness in Lisle... this young girls ghost.

As Lisle tried to pass she was caught in the web, that slowly wrapped around her, threads of energy piercing through her skin, seeping into her body, telling her it was alright, telling her everything would be ok.

Autumn imprinted her energies onto Lisle, what substance she had was given to her... Lisle began to solidify, become real again, she looked at her hands in wonder, then a voice inside her heart spoke to her.

"My name is Autumn... please don't be afraid Lisle"

The End

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