Stirring Vague...

Darkly, explosions washed the orchid away, dark gold specks pressed through the purple like a horrendous blizzard, petals of metal spitting golden dew through the ghostly void.

Something stirred deep in the strange world, callouses meshed the stagnant skin of the river. Punctures crowned the sky, air escaped and the matrix deflated around them, the world caved in, the grey hands pressing together and clambering through each other, dark voices vibrating in a reverberation of sound.

Chaos immortal, space crushed together, smells of gasoline and smoke shuddered periodically thoguh the drab breaks of colour and vibrant sea of light that pulsed, grating dark slabs of interdimensional surfaces.

Eyes blinked, shreds of true orchid glinting out, sharply piercing the void, something had awoken, some strength had been pressed into this body, something was wrapped around her, like a shell or a damp towel. Something clung to her body, eyes raised.

A first thought was, paper airoplanes.

She couldn't explain this. Her mind broke, shattered, so many pieces to collect. Ezin was around here, around her, something so vague pieced the broken shards together. She  was watching them die... She couldn't let them die.

The End

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