Thoughts Before The Storm

Through the ever growing darkness, Moonal led the tired and wearisome clan of misfits, their clothes dirty and their hair messy and greasy. Clouds were draped over the world in a guise of mist, space dust, corrosive, spat across the globe, piercing its brittle existence with new pock marks, cauterized instantly by the sheer heat buffeted by the heliopause.

London looked up, and beyond the dark mists shifting around the small hollow planet, he saw strange lights shift as the small heliosphere burnt wildly at the edges, thousands of miles away.

He thought to himself, thinking of when he had first arrived, how so much had changed, how everything had become so much bigger than he originally had planned. His eyes twitched, continually, he wondered what he would see over the next few hours, he wondered if he would survive. He had expected intensity on this planet, but never a battle of these proportions.

Moonal explained to the group, that deep below the surface of this planet it was hollowed out, and light radiated from nowhere, people lived on the inner crust of the planet, so when they looked up, they could see their world curve up and around until it met itself again on the other side of the world.

Anna had a headache, something plagued her thoughts, some dark beings crept in, tormenting her mind with evil thoughts, temptations and twisting intimate emotions. Still she trudged on, side by side with London, who she could hear mutter from time to time. For the first time since she had met him, he seemed concerned about the situation.

Sedusa travelled up front with Moonal, speaking to him about what was going on around them, about where the others could be, about what could be done. She voiced, reasonably, her fears, she also demonstrated her passion to fight until the very end if the need arose.

Moonal knew what was coming next, he knew that the elementals in the world beneath them would begin to gather to fight... and they had a lot to fight for. Their source was tucked away there, this was a difficult place to find, but as no one had previously found it, this would be the first need to defend it... To defend the DragonGlass.

The sky bloomed purples and reds, the tips of a Dragons great wings were silhoutted for a matter of minutes in the sky as its great wings crashed backwards, throwing the small rock steadily forwards.

"We haven't long left, my friends." Moonal peered up into the blasted vault of colors.

The End

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