Empty Streets

"So what now?" Isaac asked. He was having a difficult time keeping the fire large enough to see by without burning one of them, and the small amount of smoke was starting to pollute the air.

Rather than answering Ezin raised a hand to the wall of rock in front of them. And then she was gone. There was no trace left of her, not so much as a sound reverberating through the cave.

"Hey!" he called out. He moved the fire around, finally noticing that the stone block that had been in their way was gone. He walked in, around a corner, and through a snaking pathway.

A faint light was flickering ahead, so he let the fire die away. He could hear noises, mostly voices jumbling together into an unrecognizable mash of sound.

And then, as suddenly as she had left, Ezin appeared in front of him. No sound, no puff of smoke, she just simply appeared.

"There you are! They're waiting for you!" she said in a hushed voice.

"Wait, who's waiting  for -" and in mid sentence, the cave disappeared into blackness, only to be replaced moments later by a crowd of people, all staring at the exact spot he was standing. "Me."

It looked like he was standing in the middle of a suburban street, the only difference being that instead of the sky, there was a ceiling of jagged rock.

"They are." Ezin said with a small gesture toward the crowd. "They want to see your power. Just to make sure they can trust you."

Isaac held out his palm, and a small flame flashed into life in his palm.

"Oh, you can do better than that." Ezin urges. "Go big, show 'um what you've got!"

Isaac squeezes his hand close, and for a moment appears to simply stand there staring into space. "Isaac?" Ezin asks.

He could just barely contain the burst of fire he was about to put out, but he wanted to hold off. To make it bigger, make it better. "I've never been much of a show off, " he said equally to the crowd and Ezin. "But if big is what you want, big is what you get."

And with that, a tiny, pin-prick of fire appeared over his head. He inched it upwards, and it started to grow.

Several people in the crowd backed away from where he was standing, though Isaac had full control. And even though the fireball was larger than a semi-truck, it still kept growing. He stopped, but only because the heat was starting to make him sweat. "Good enough?" he yelled to the people.

In answer, several fireballs appeared over the crowd, all rivaling his own, but only two surpassing it. "If you're the real thing, you should be able to easily double this size." the woman with the largest fire yells to him.

But as Isaac was about to let the fire loose, the ground shook and rocks fell from the ceiling. All the fires in the room went out like a light, and when Isaac turned to find Ezin, she was nowhere to be seen.

The tremors slowed and eventually stopped, the people in the crowd dispersing.

"That's been happening allot lately." Ezin says, suddenly behind him.

A startled yell escaped him, but once he had calmed back down he turned to her. "Would you stop doing that!? I'll have a heart attack before I'm able to drive."

The tremors shook the place again, more small rocks and dust falling like rain.

"I, um, have to go do something." Ezin said.

"Where are you going?" he asked, but even before the first syllable had escaped his lips, the only thing he was talking to was the empty streets and the dust raining down on him.

The End

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