Crexnettle The Black

"I can sense her" Kaos smiled wickedly, his thin lips pursed as he swallowed his thick saliva, "and Ezin did as I predicted. This will be easier than I had thought."

Nyoki towered above Kaos in a smokey haze, around him dark bugs sprawled, clambering over each other, forming other weaker shadow demons, who in turn set off as ordered, to locate and imprison the motley team that had begun regrouping.
Nyoki resented being treated like an inferior, yet he felt helpless... part of him was so adamant that he was a superior being that he wanted to fight until death if he had to, but another part of him, a stronger willed, more intelligent part told him that when the time was right, he'd get his wish.

"I certainly hope you aren't considering mutiny, Nyoki, I can read your thoughts, you understand? As a demon, you are technically dead, therefore your soul belongs to me." Kaos spoke in a matter-of-fact tone. He begun to hover a meter above the ground, this apparently was a easier method of transport than walking.

Nyoki at this point couldn't help but think that he despised Kaos with all his being.

"Now, now Nyoki. Let us not be childish. We have business to attend to."

Raising a hand, Kaos emitted a powerful beam of light from his hand that burst forth from the edge of the planet, streaming lucidly out into space, beyond the wings of the monstrous space dragon, and right into the back of its skull.
The planet appeared to buckle and sway violently, everyone stumbled, other than Kaos, who merely continued to levitate at a perfect distance from the surface. 

"That should show Ezin we aren't messing around." Kaos glanced around. A few hundred feet in front of them a rather sickly looking bird stood. "What in Lunalts name is that?"

Kaos could only sense the presence of the bird as oppose to see it, but all the same he could tell it was neither here in the real world, or dead in his world. It was rare for Kaos to meet something that was classified as undead, so the energy signature of it was strange to him, almost like a language he didn't understand.

"That's Crexnettle..." Nyoki spoke, a dark lust for power creeping into his voice. Dark tendrils stalked the parched earth, crawling towards the unknowing bird. 

"Stop... right there" one of Kaos' arms transformed into a long metal spike and he plunged it through one of the black tentacles that wriggled past him. Nyoki let out a demonic scream, pain surfaced quickly as he released himself from Kaos' spike. "This bird will be our counterpart, not our food. Control yourself, demon." Kaos spoke with a sickly sweet emphasis.

Waving his hand at the still unobservant bird, a tide of black light splashed across the land in front of him, the bird was covered in this slick oily substance. 

"Crexnettle... your master calls you."


The End

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