Lower half

"How do you loose the other half of your body?" Vlad scolded the upper half of Mike, who was riding on the centuar's back. "I thought you could call the other part back?"

"Someone is either holding it hostage, or it is merely trapped." Mike said. "It isn't that hard to get trapped within a few peices of rock or a crack in the ground, especially if you don't have and upper body to pull yourself out.

Vlad shook his head and kept following the trail he had found not too long ago. Mike presumed it was at one point and animal trail, leading to a place that could lead to shelter.

"Are you sure we shouldn't be looking for the others?" Vlad said uneasily. "I mean, this could lead anywhere and the Angel left us a while ago to find Sedusa. He still hasn't returned and that could be because we are still moving!"

Mike softly thumped the centuar's head, it wasn't the first time that Vlad had complained. It was on the verge of whining, and  it was too much for the piecemeal raptor.

"Shut up and keep going!"

The End

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