One Hour

When Silver and the Angel arrived at the strange little cove that the small group had procured, Arvid was breathing stably, the majority of his burns were healing and Sedusa was sure that he would be healed sooner than any of them had previously expected.

Silver introduced himself briefly and quietly, explaining to the team what was happening and why. Questions came up asking for the whereabouts of Crexnettle, Mike, Vlad, Issac and Autumn... At times Silver's emotions got the best of him and he had to step outside into the dark apocalyptic storm that ravaged the world, to find some inner peace, at which points, the Angel would do his best to answer the groups questions. 

When Silver stepped back in, he proposed his plan. 

"The Angel, Zanaria and I shall go search for the others, we will need them if we are to get past this. The rest of you have to find the path into Umberno, that is, Ezin's Realm, Moonal will signal me when you have found it, and we shall all join you... here's the catch... we only have one hour." Silver spoke like a leader, he had regained his composure and his emotions were under control.

"I'm not leaving Sedusa..." Zanaria begun. Everyone turned to look at him in surprise. "I want to protect her." 

Sedusa gave Zanaria a disdainful look. "I don't need protecting Zanaria. Go. We'll see each other soon." 

Everyone seemed perplexed by the strange turn around in their relationship, the last time they had been seen together they were prepared to rip the flesh of each other in a fight to the death, now they seemed reluctant to part. 

Zanaria secretly worried that the team wouldn't overcome this challenge, that he wouldn't see Sedusa again. He secretly wanted to make sure that if they were to die, that perhaps they could do it together. As lovers should. 

Everyone quickly prepared to set out into the twilight storm, lightening sprayed down bursting through rocks and boulders. Arvid seemed relatively fit to travel, though he could already tell his wounds would slow him down. Sedusa and Zanaria parted ways, with a look, just a look. Silver and Moonal gave each other a knowing glance. The three winged took to the sky, and the rest set out in search for a secret passage into the world beneath them.



The End

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