Chaos Rising

Kaos rose from the pit beneath him and it solidified at his feet. Nyoki looked him up and down, at first with disdain, he clearly hadn't realized how small Kaos would be, and then on a second look, Nyoki appeared to realize Kaos' power. 

"Nyoki, if you've quite finished?" Kaos' voice was low and smooth. 

The world shook, a violent wind cracked over the rocky surface of the planet, dust spitting up in the air, lightening cracking down from ominous clouds. 

"Hm, these storms aren't nearly ferocious enough." Eyeless, Kaos looked up, a green spark in his concealed eye sockets. The sky ruptured, violently wind whipped around rocks and heavy objects. Tornadoes crashed down into the earth around them, lightening bolts spat out of the clouds rupturing the ground. "Much better."

"Kaos, I summoned you from your bindings, freed you from your prison and called you here to assist me in..." Nyoki begun, but before he had a chance to continue his orders, Kaos had a strong grip around his neck, and had apparently hauled him into space. 

"Listen to me very carefully, forgotten Demon." Kaos spat nastily into Nyoki's face, "I am currently the most powerful being in the universe, I have stolen souls from every planet, every lifeform has manifested its soul in me. I have all the energy of the universe. Remember, and carefully choose how to finish your sentence, because if you think I need you, you are sadly mistaken. But I know you need me for what you want."

Kaos hurled the Demon Lord hurtling back through the thick atmosphere of ozone and storms back to the ground. 

Nyoki stood, pains shooting through him. Kaos appeared suddenly beside him. Nyoki grimaced, his face contorting as Kaos watched on expectantly.

"... I, Nyoki, have called you here..." Nyoki frowned "... to plead for your assistance in gathering my dark army, with which I shall lend to you to defeat the pathetic immortals of life, time and space."

Kaos smiled, his thin lips spreading evilly. "Why of course, Nyoki, I shall help you obtain what you wish for..."


The End

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