A Gathering Wind

Silver couldn't explain the disappearance of Issac and Ezin but he trusted that Ezin had control. He believed that she had instigated their disappearance, as well as returned him from Ghost Line. Silver had never met Ezin before, in fact, until now, she was the only immortal that he hadn't previously encountered. She was known mainly for her ability to evade detection and more so the impact of her beauty when she was in fact found. Rumor had it that she took the form of whatever people would find most attractive, in order to infatuate and affect the people around her and true enough, Silver immediately saw her as Autumn, this in itself broke his heart.

Silver sat, slumped up against a tree, his hands gently gripping the moss beneath him. His mind raced, contemplating what he could have done differently, how the last 6 hours saw his entire life turned upside down, he'd lost so many people during the last week, yet the end of Autumn hit him the hardest. 

"Silver, isn't it?" The Angel of Torn Skirts looked at him, sincere regret framed his skin, delineating creases of worry. 

"Yea... I'm Silver. And if I'm not mistaken, you're The Angel of Torn Skirts..." Silver was blunt, but the Angel didn't blame him, he could see the pain that gripped him. 

"She fought bravely, spectacular child. She sacrificed a lot for us." The Angel looked down at his feet, he wasn't usually uncomfortable with this kind of thing, but this seemed different.

"Then why the hell couldn't any of you do anything to protect her?" Silver stood, tears welling up in his dark grey eyes.

"Silver, listen..."

"I don't want to listen, Angel. I came here to help save life, I don't want to talk about what happened, I don't need consoling, just help me do what needs to be done." His eyes were cold, steely and dead to reception, he shut his emotions off and was ready to take on the battle ahead.

"I'm sorry, I'll do my best" 

A dark wind rose, the trees shook tremulous in the breeze blitz. Leaves cut patterns through the air, the world seemed to shake and everything shifted beneath them. Both Angel and Silver fell, spiraling backwards through the air over 100 feet. 

Silver clambered up, pulling himself to his feet, his face contorted as a piercing sound filled the air in a crescendo. Then everything went silent, and still. 

"We have about one hour to find everyone and get inside this rock, Angel, do you know where your friends are?" Silver said urgently

"What do you mean, inside? My... my friends? Sedusa... yes, she is with that aggressive fellow, Zanaria. Crexnettle, Mike and Count Rokkhans, I can't sense them at all. What does that mean?"

"This planet is hollow, inside is a whole world, a civilization of powerful and ancient elementals. We're all here to protect them from Nyoki and Kaos. This planet never stays in the same place, it is held in the claw of a Space Dragon that continually pulls it through different planes of reality when Ezin commands it... it would appear she has told it to jump planes... but if we are on the outside of this rock when it flaps its wings, we will be incinerated by inter-dimensional winds. We need to find your friends and find a way in now! Moonal is with your mermaid friend and Zanaria... and another, weaker presence. There is a young elemental here too... and two others... We should go fetch Zanaria, between the three of us we can scour the planet much faster." Silver was agitated, he was clearly under a lot of pressure to get this done. The Angel knew there must be a lot riding on this.

The winds begun to blow again, and storms begun to form over the baron surface of the planet. 

The Angel and Silver took to the air, flying in the direction of Zanaria, they didn't have much time.

The End

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