Diving into Forbidden

Zanaria thanked the Angel, who slipped back into the cool air, searching for Issac. Sedusa was cradled to his chest, and was still unconscious, blood was dripping from her forearm.

"It's okay." Zanaria muttered as he entered the small cave The Angel dropped them by. "I'll get you patched up right away."

He slowly slid Sedusa onto the rocky floor and pulled tools from his belt-pack. Threading the small needle found in the pouch, Zanaria began stitching up the deeper sections of the cut on the mermaid's forearm. He then wrapped linen strips around the wound.

"There." Zanaria smiled. "Better get myself taken care of as well."

The silence of the cave was soothing, it calmed the worry, the hate and the love that the eagle-human was feeling. It seemed to spill from his pores, and mingle around the room.

"Zanaria?" Sedusa began sitting up, wincing at the pain shooting up her arm. "Is that you? What happened?"

Looking from his own wounds, Zanaria met Sedusa's gaze. Her eyes were an endless pool of shimmering, undescribable violet.

"You were knocked unconscious by some sort of demon dogs." He pointed to the linen on her arm. "You got hurt, I patched you up."

"Thanks." Sedusa slithered over to Zanaria's side, placing her head on his blood covered shoulder. "You have been so good to me, considering where we began."

It had seemed so long since they first met, since they first fought. And now, they were friends, maybe more.

Zanaria turned his head towards Sedusa, placing his arm around her waist. He felt a euphoric sensation run through his body, one that he hadn't felt in so long.

"I needed this for so long, some one to lean on." Sedusa looked up at Zanaria. "Metephorically and physically." She moved her head towards Zanaria's and closed her eyes.

Finally! Zanaria thought as he leaned in as well.

"Sedusa! Zanaria!" A figure stood in front of the small cave, holding a lifeless body. "It's Arvid! You have to help!"

Crap! Zanaria watched as Sedusa sprang from Zanaria's side, and began making her way towards the unmistakable figure.

Stupid, Stupid Moonal.

The End

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