As the gentle, cool wind tousled his hair, he flew over the landscape with the angel, his mind was reliving past battles. Fighting the hunters the first time they had come for him, when Zanaria had tried to fly away with him and he'd burned Zanaria's wing. His recent battle with the dogs and Alastor.

He had made a little more sense out of that since then. Alastor had lost Zanaria, and he was looking for more slaves. But what had shocked him is, once he had started thinking about it, he knew something he should not have.

Memories just like the one where he was in the desert, fighting the massive, evil demon. And losing. Now he could clearly remember he had been losing.

He somehow knew that the cold sharp force he had been feeling was part of a demon spirit, trying to take over his body. Which is why every time before when he had felt it, uncontrollable things happened. Usually with his fire. But when Alastor had tried, he failed. Why?

What had changed since then? He didn't have much of a chance to wonder though, as at that moment they began to dive for the ground and his stomach flew into his throat.

When he dared open his eyes, he expected to see the others waiting below. But he didn't. In fact, all he really could see was a bunch of mountains and trees. But then they unexpectedly leveled off, still high over the land.

"Where are we going?" Isaac shouted over the whipping wind.

"I sensed the presence of a renegade angel. If he's a new arrival and came here like us, we should warn him about what all is out here. But, certain renegade angels have the power to travel through space."

Isaac waited for him to continue, to tell him why that last part mattered in the least, but he never did. Or at least, if he did Isaac couldn't hear him.

He looked up then, and a massive white sphere filled his vision.

"That would be our renegade friend." the angel shouted.

The angel gasp and they fell twenty feet, earning him a terrified scream from Isaac.

"There's something else in there with him. Something powerful." the angel told him. "I'm not sure who or what it is, but I don't want to get too close."

As the dome of light dissipated, the general form of a man appeared. As it faded more, he could make out the wings. And then came the features. Various pieces of jewelry adorned him. Rings, pendants, you name it he was probably wearing it.

His wings were black, nearly transparent. And with jeans and a gray t-shirt, he looked very little like the angel holding him in the air.

But it was the second person that he found far more transfixing. It was a woman. She seemed to just be suspended there, as if an invisible rope were holding her in the air. She reminded him of someone. That girl. he thought. What was her name again? August? April? No, it wasn't a month.

And as he wondered, still she floated there. She was in a white dress that reminded him of a toga, but... different. Something about her was simply different.

"Who are you?" the woman spoke as she turned to them.

"We.. we're, uh... we're..." Isaac sputtered. Yes, something was very different about her. She was beautiful, but there was no mistaking the power behind her voice. She meant business.

"I am the angel of, " the angel stopped. "Well, I used to be the angel of Torn Skirts. This is Isaac. He.. well, what exactly are you again?"

"I'm an Elemental." he said. "Of fire, if it makes a difference."

She scrunched up her forehead, as if thinking about a particularly hard question. Meanwhile the renegade angel, as the angel had called him, stayed still. I've really got to think up something better to call him. Two angels gets confusing.

But then suddenly he wasn't being held in the air. The wind buffeting him ceased and he no longer felt the angels arms holding him. He fell backwards onto the leaf covered ground, much to the protest of several small animals that scurried away. And in front of him, stood the woman.

"Ezin." she spoke as she extended a hand to help him up. He wasn't quite sure what to make of her, but there was something telling him he could trust her.

And so she helped him up, and they stood there among the trees. "So you're Isaac, huh? I've heard allot about you."

He tried to hide his surprise, but he could tell that his face gave it away. "Like what, exactly?"

The End

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