A mind swam with shining thoughts, beautiful eclipses of evil and radiant ideas of love, youth, life and peace. Silver burnt through Autumn's mind, his heart beat crashing through waves of phosphorescent hormones, chemically kissing nerve endings, rigidly massaging the sensory affections, nursing the wounds of life with love. 

A world swam around her, in utter darkness, a thunder of pumps, charging blood, cascading deeply through valves and arteries, plucking through veins, streaming like a moonlit waterfall. 

Beyond emptiness, Autumn felt these things, a beautiful decay of the mind, the soul. Silver held her to his body tightly, whispering urgent nonsense, pleads, cries. Silver tears cascaded down his dry tan cheeks, his lips moved in crescents and full moon circles, shaping his mouth around the words that prayed for her health.

He held her ghostly form as her body decayed into a pattern of atoms, her mind losing grip, her heart slowing, her temperature dropping. 

"Autumn... Autumn..." his lips pressed against her soft ethereal cheek, his tears passing through her. A light wisp of smoke passed from her mouth into his. "You can't die, you just can't... I need you." As his grip tightened around her, she began to slide through his solid form. "no... no, no, No!"

From his arms, her limp, ghostly body tumbled, from his hold, though the deck of the Amethyst Swift.

Silver's black wings expanded and ruptured into a pattern of light, the ship beneath him shuddered, splintered as a paroxysm of power burnt forth from his sorrow. The boat split in two and dismantled in the wake of his energy. He flew downwards, racing after the falling ghost girl.

Autumn fell fast, lucidly drifting through the world, frictionless. her particles sifted slightly, betraying her whole, cascading in golden freckles to burn across others. Her mass was deconstructing, falling apart as she reached the dark ink blot that had once been at the Amethyst Swifts underbelly. 

Suddenly time seemed to slow, as she fell gently into the black hole of decay, Silver raced ever passionate towards her... her face reconstructing periodically, in a flutter of a last soulless moment. 

"I love you, Silver" her lips mouthed.

Dark wrinkled hands exploded forth from the dark pit, plucking at Autumn's deconstructed atoms, reaping what was left of her spirit and body.

Silver stopped. He had lost the only person that had ever meant a damn to him. 

From the dark pit, a bright light began to shine, freckles of bright white prickled along the edge of the bloated blackness, spreading quickly across the dark grey hands of the purple infused Ghost line. Beams of light cascaded upwards from the dark sea beneath, and the world became white, void of souls and ghosts. 

Silver was in another place completely now, he didn't understand what had just happened. He looked around, looking for some answers, but saw very little in answer.

As the light dimmed, he found himself back on the planet he had just been on, Ezin's Realm... 

"Who are you?" a small voice said from below him.


The End

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