End Of...

Kaos' skin was never but always both black and white, nacreous and forever changing in the different angles of light. He had no eyes, just a strange body bare of many features, behind his skin where his eyes should have been, two faint, dark green lights throbbed and pulsed under the surface. He seemed surprisingly intimidating at just 5 foot tall, he was toned, but not overly muscly, however he radiated an intense fear, something so terrible that made the whole world feel bloated and sick.

From behind thin, pale lips, Kaos' tongue slithered, a long green snake like tongue that seemed to taste the air, identifying what was around it. Kaos moved bizarrely, he looked stiff and ungainly, his bones cracking and his limbs contorting with every step he took. He proceeded towards Autumn, deep fear shaking her. 

Retracting his tongue, only a few steps from Autumn, Kaos spoke, a smooth icy voice emanated and filled the air in a decay of deathly whispers. "GhostBreed... " The word fell sinister into the world, crushing it's vowels against the consonants. It rattled about the world like a canister of steam. "...Your very presence offends me, you dirty theif." 

Despite the fact that Kaos had no apparent eyes, he appeared to look straight into Autumn's soul, ripping it apart with his focus. 

"Did you truly believe that you could stop me? You foolish child." Kaos had his long fingers wrapped around her shoulders immediately, his long green tongue exploding from his own mouth and into Autumn's. It seemed to just keep entering, further and further into her body. 

Her eyes went pale, a glow of light exploding from within her, filling the creases of her eyelids, from the corners of her mouth. 

Kaos' tongue continued to invade her, exploring her body, finding the soul it so sought. Then, the tongue began to feed, sucking from her the soul that had given her spirit, strength and love, given her free will and emotion, given her everything that gave her life. 

Kaos retracted his tongue, and licked his lips briefly. Autumn fell to the ground, no sign of movement or life.

"What a fascinating specimen you are, you had so much strength, so much so that I feel even stronger than before... Thank you for that Autumn. Oh, but of course, I am not as ungrateful as to not give you anything in return. I've left you with the smallest possible amount of soul you require to continue living. Aha, yes that's right, I don't want you to die, Autumn... I want you to see what I do to your friends. So I'd best hurry, you'll be gone soon." Kaos spat. His head tilted back in what appeared to be an attempt to look upwards, the hole of daylight was widening, and he begun to float up into it.

"Kaos!!" A voice screamed, and a blaze of black wings flittered rapidly towards the ship. Kaos grinned wickedly, and continued through the passage, which quickly closed up behind him.

Silver landed on the deck and ran to Autumn's side... 

"Autumn?" anguish clawed at his voice. 

She wasn't breathing, she didn't seem alive at all...

The End

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