Whispered Prophecies

"It will help clear up some unfinished business!" birdbrain yelled as he lunged. The talons glinted for a fraction of a second in the light. He immediately knew he couldn't duck in time, but when he reached for his fire it refused to help. Everything seemed to slow down.

Wait, everything is slowing down! Zanaria seemed to almost freeze midair, and when Isaac tried to move he found he couldn't. White lightning arced from the sky and struck the ground, a dark shape in its middle.

Things started moving again, and a rippled moved outward from the lightning flash, sending rocks into the air in slow motion. Everything snapped back into normal time, and Isaac was struck by a massive shockwave. Zanaria as well was flung from the air into the ground. As Isaac scrambled to his feet, the first thing he noticed was a dog barking, and a man shouting orders. Then he noticed fire, its unmistakable glow still in the air though it was fading.

A snarl pulled his attention back to the ground. Running at him was a massive, three headed dog!

"Come on!" he yelled. "What isn't in this place!?"

He focused on the dog charging at him, and its entire body burst into flames. He forced it hotter, and hotter, and hotter still. But it kept coming. It never even slowed down!

Muttering a few choice words, he knew he had no real weapons. They seemed to be impervious to fire which made his main course of attack all but useless, so he'd have to get creative.

The beast pounded past his burnt crater in the grey dust, and a hard crack sounded under it's clawed paw. What was that?

And just like that, inspiration struck. "Hope you can skate!" he yelled. He called the heat forward again, but instead of the dog he brought all of the sand and dust to such a heat they began to melt. And then, the creature was not running on sand and dust, but molten glass that was rapidly hardening. It tried standing several times, but always fell down, causing more sharp shards of broken glass to dig into his skin.

"Sedusa!" a familiar voice called. The angel descended from the air and scooped her up, a red slash down her arm. The dog she had been fighting jumped and snapped its jaws, but the angel was far out of his reach.

Isaac heard a whimper and ducked just in time for the third dog to sail over his head. Zanaria shot into the air and finished off the second dog with a flash of his sword.

The angel was flying away, Sedusa looked to be unconscious. Zanaria noticed this as well, and with the most pained, torn look, he turned to Isaac. "We'll finish this later runt!" he cried into the dark night, and flew off after the angel.

The dogs were slowly getting back onto their feet, and the one dog that Zanaria had cut with his sword now had fire spraying from its wound, which was healing rapidly.

Once the wound was sealed the fire stopped, and all three dogs and all nine heads turned to him. They encircled him. Growling fiercely, they never took their eyes off of him as Alastor approached.

Dark wind caressed his skin, but it was subtly different. It certainly wasn't as strong, and the way it traveled over him was a little more forceful. But there was no pain, no blades sticking into his side. No claws digging into his back.

And the look Alastor had was one of sheer concentration. That broke into anger. And then he fell to one knee and panted. He looked back up at Isaac and jumped back to his feet, his attempt at trying to hide how weak he was failing. But again, it was the look.

He looked at Isaac with a mixture of shock, fear and disbelief. Finally he settled on a scowl that deeply creased his face, and erupted into fire. He grew several times his size, and the giant demon from before stood towering above him.

"Die!" his voice boomed as he picked up his foot to step on him. Isaac rolled out of the way, now covered in dust, when the heat inside started building again. But it was back to normal, the slow warmth flowing from his heart to his limbs that was easily suppressible.

It made him feel stronger, gave him a second wind. And Alastor's face again...

Alastor started reciting something in what would have been a whisper, but with such a large bass to his voice was still plenty loud enough, though he was speaking so fast it was hard to make out and he missed the entire beginning.

"...and on the day that the immortal four reunite with the six elements, the darkness itself shall rise and death will befall the world."

Alastor burst into fire once more, but once the flames died down nothing was left but the scorched ground. It was then Isaac noticed all at once that the dogs had gone, how long ago he had no idea.

And yet, the only things running through his mind were the words Alastor had spoken before he vanished.

"...and on the day that the immortal four reunite with the six elements..."

He knew who the six elements were. He himself was one of them. But who on earth, or wherever we are, are the four immortals?

And as the last flicker of Alastor's flames on the ground died away, the downdraft hitting his back announced the arrival of the angel.

The End

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