Cascade Of Cobalt

His wings weren't white and feathery, not as you'd expect of an angel, but black and lucid. They appeared to be glass like, sharp and pointy patterns in the delineated shape of wings. However, as they brushed against the leaves and trees, they rippled, dark blue, silver ripples broke across the bizarre patterns. It was almost as if they were entirely pervious.

He didn't look like an angel, his skin was deeply tanned, he wore a tight, dirty grey shirt and tatty jeans with numerous rips and tears in. From his neck hung pendants, from his wrist some charms, from his belt, talismans. His hair was a bright metallic silver, styled smartly and fashionably. He wore several rings, all silver, his eyes were dark, piercing shades of grey.

Silver left the scene of his landing rapidly, his footing was quick and accurate, he pounced gracefully between one tree and a next, he dare not take to the sky again for fear of detection, he must locate Moonal, immediately.

He knew he wasn't far away, he could feel the vibes of Moonal's intense energy growing, nearly as much as he could feel the ever growing energy of darkness expanding in the distance behind him. There was fear in his mind about what that source could encompass, he knew what it felt like, and he had a better idea of what was going on than most other people, but still, there were bits of information that didn't sit right. 

In the clearing up ahead, Moonal appeared to have transformed, and was exercising his full powers against what appeared to be a rather high level demon. Fire exploded out into the woods, smashing through tree trunks and licking leaves to cinders. Whilst around Moonal everything moved slowly, or changed direction, the space around him appeared to bend and twist, expand and shrink... Time was deceptive this way.

Silver had no time for this, he had to make sure Autumn was safe, he knew she could be headstrong at times, and wanted to make sure she had come to no harm.

Wings folded away, almost trickling into his back, to make his attack more succinct and aerodynamic. 

Silver pressed his feet against a tree and pushed aggressively, he flew diagonally into the center of the opening, the tree uprooted and exploded backwards into the fiery forest. As Silver hit the time contusion, fire pulsated dangerously past him, ripping slowly, then quickly though the air. 

Silver wrapped his body around in the air, kicking his legs upwards, performing a form of back flip, feet circling like a crescent. As Silver landed by the behemoth Moonal, he grabbed him with glowing white hands, tugging him violently away from the scene of action. At this point they both exited the time bulge simultaneously, Silver's wings exploding back into the air, and flapping with deep blasts of wind, fire blown back towards the demonic Arvid.

Into the air, keeping low above the canapé of trees, Silver carried Moonal - now back in his original form - away from the battle. 


"That was unlike you, Moonal, fighting a demon!" Silver sat on a rock besides their newly made, non-demonic, fire, digging into a freshly cooked rodent type creature that Moonal had scavenged quickly. 

"Tough times, my dear Silver, call for tough measures, or so they say. I had no intention of fighting the boy but he..." Moonal paused, reflecting briefly, melancholy awash over him. 

"Times are tough," Silver said, "I understand. It has taken me almost a week to get here. Ezin's realm is not easy to trace." 

"Ezin's realm?! Is that where we are?" Moonal's face was a chain reaction of realization. "Of course... We're on the outside of the actual planet!"

"Yep! Right, now I've grabbed a bite to eat, I really need to track down Autumn, can you tell me where she is?"

Moonal shook his head. "I'm afraid not my friend. She stepped into another dimension, it held a great deal of Ethereal energy, and thats about all I can tell you."

"Ghost Line" Silver whispered. "I have to go, she is in so much danger..." Silver picked himself up and his hands begun to glow once more. "Moonal, my time reaping old pal, take care of yourself, I know how important you are, you need to get yourself out of here, immediately."

Silver plunged his hands into nothingness and deep purples leaked out. He splayed his fingers and tugged the world apart, and stepped through into the Ghost Line...

The End

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