Neon Ethereal

Arvid lay still, his body pale, ethereal wisps of smoke traced from him and into the air of the ghost line as his carriage drifted in towards the dark whirlpool below the Amethyst Swift. 

Autumn drifted down to his platform, standing over him as grey hands rigidly fingered the carriage, crawling towards her feet in hopes of live food to quench their deathly hunger. 

Inside of his ethereal shell, a soft lucid soul shifted, cloudy and ice like. His soul was still very much alive... 

What must have happened... he was recovering so well... Autumn wondered. I have to stop this, I have to stop people from dying... I can save Arvid... and he can go back to Moonal and get help...

Autumn knew what she must do to retrieve a soul from the Ghost Line, it was severely frowned upon, but that is what had been done to save her from being part of Kaos' essence previously. She couldn't think of a reason why she shouldn't prevent this. Besides, he is a strong elemental, I can't let Kaos get his dirty Dark Breed hands all over him.

Tremulous in the filtered purple light, Autumn's structure was ethereal. With a strange movement of loose arms and hands, Autumn performed a bizarre ritualistic dance above Arvid.

"I'm sorry Silver" Autumn knelt next to Arvid, and pressed her lips to his, from her a short wisp of ethereal soul transferred into him. He gasped, spluttering as he remembered how to breathe. Autumn stood and redirected her attention to the oncoming ship. She knew Arvid would recover in no time, he was stronger than her. 

"Listen, Arvid, you are in the Ghost Line, soon I shall return you back to the world where you died... only you'll have no body, you will be ethereal like I am now... you will have to go find your body again. You will only have a few hours to regain it or you shall remain a ghost forever." Autumn never removed her eyes from the ship. Arvid looked up at her, slightly baffled, and concerned by the such a short period of time he was given to find his body again, the last he knew he was sleeping!

"Aren't you coming with me?" Arvid stammered, he looked her in the eyes, staring at their strange shade of lilac, splinters of gold laced into the black rim of her iris. He simultaneously demonstrated deep fear, and a slight infatuation as he glanced into her eyes.

"I have something to do here." She nodded to the large vessel that they approached. "Kaos is aboard that ship, I can sense him. I must stop him, he is causing all of this. Go, find Moonal, he will help you."

"Who on earth is Kaos?" Arvid blinked.

"Hopefully, Arvid, you will never need to know." Autumn looked back at him, tapped him on the shoulder and whispered quietly in his ear. "Sentra, empyrean flow."

Arvid pulsed into nothing. Autumn prayed for him to have a safe journey and to have the best of luck.


Autumn launched herself up the side of the ship, her hands clambering loosely at the dark splintered wood. As she reached the deck, no one was there to welcome her, the vessel appeared to be empty. She climbed over the side carefully, remaining in a disposition of stealth, she quickly scanned the top deck, with no luck in locating any crew member or prisoner.

A darkness still lurked in the air, soft and warm now, the air was thick and turgid. From the dark wood a violaceous bruise of space throbbed upwards. The boat rocked violently, splinters spitting upwards as the hull contorted and rose sharply to pounce, ungainly, into the dark orchid night. 

Large nebulous sails bloomed above her, voices spat ghostly echoes in reverb around the boat. Whispers, angry and malevolent cascaded around Autumn, a dark cacophony of sound, a rapture of spatial distortion, aurally compressing souls into a never where. 

Around her begun to appear, on the twisted boat, the dark and deranged crew of the Amethyst Swift. Gold glitter faded as the boat continued to rise into the dark sky of The Ghost Line. Autumn felt the boat creep upwards rapidly, her eyes darting around to each of the deformed creatures that had been recruited aboard the soul reaping warship. 

Beads of sweat welled up below her fringe, creating an uncomfortable mesh of sticky hair against her forehead. She brushed it aside, but it's wet weight eventually allowed it to resettle in it's original place. 

Autumn was terrified, she had no idea why she had run into this and then, there, right in front of her appeared her target, her worst night mare, the very thing she dreaded the most. 

Kaos stood, eyeless, and radiating bleak, black, rays of complete darkness and a strange portal of natural light, begun to open slowly above him.


The End

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